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December 11, 2007 08:00 ET

Study Shows WAN Optimization as Strategic Component for Today's Distributed and Mobile Workers

Independent Research Firm's Commissioned Study on Behalf of Riverbed

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 11, 2007) - As enterprises continue their march toward mobility and an increasingly distributed workforce, the importance of accelerating access to network assets and applications proves critical. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, on behalf of Riverbed Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: RVBD), found that the proliferation of decentralized organizations is driving enterprises to view WDS as a strategic component for today's distributed and mobile environments. To view the complete study, "Optimizing Users and Applications in a Mobile World," please visit:

The study surveyed more than 300 IT decision-makers and influencers from around the world in a broad range of industries. The findings of the study show a progressive fragmentation of organizations. Forty percent of respondents noted that their organization would likely be more decentralized three years from now. As branch offices and mobile workers play an increasingly critical role in business growth, IT struggles to keep up as users demand applications that are always available. In fact, 86 percent of organizations indicated they receive end-user complaints with the most common complaint being application performance.

According to the study, "Companies are successfully overcoming this hurdle by deploying WAN optimization solutions that are specifically tuned for a mobile environment. Mobile WAN optimization provides the acceleration needed to ensure consistent performance, room for new applications, and the ability to ensure end-user productivity at all times. As companies become increasingly distributed, they'll look to use techniques that improve WAN throughput and accelerate applications for branch and remote employees."

The ability to quickly connect an organization's datacenter, branch offices and mobile workers is a capability that not all vendors are prepared to support even though the customer demand is growing. Riverbed's Steelhead Mobile, based on the award-winning WDS technology, delivers LAN-like application performance to all employees, regardless of location. Employees on the road, working from home or connected wirelessly in the office experience performance improvements up to 100 times. According to customer testimonials, file transfers that once took up to an hour can often now be accomplished in a couple of minutes or seconds.

"The mobile workforce has continued to grow. Because of this, it is obvious from not only our customers, but the industry as a whole, that WDS is a strategic component for the datacenter, branch and mobile worker," said Eric Wolford, senior vice president, marketing and business development at Riverbed. "In addition, as enterprises increase the number and complexity of applications that are deployed to mobile users, the potential for application performance issues grows. IT departments will only be able to address these concerns if they have a long-term strategy in place."

Additional findings from the study outline the need for a long-term strategy for distributed work environments -- including the datacenter, branch office and mobile worker:

-- Eighty-one percent of organizations have branch offices, with more than
   30 percent of companies indicating they support over 100 branch
-- Less than 30 percent of employees reside at headquarters. These
   employees require access to the network from branch offices, home
   offices and external worksites.
-- Mobile users are not the standard road warriors of the past, but a
   diverse group:
   -- 63 percent occasionally work from home;
   -- 45 percent are full-time work from home; and,
   -- 28 percent are contractors or other non-corporate employees.
-- WAN optimization is the second most common technology to overcome
   woes -- not only to ensure secure access to network resources, but to
   improve the performance and end-user experience.
-- Forty-eight percent noted a current implementation of the technology,
   with 26 percent considering the existing implementation as already
   large-scale and strategic.

Ware Malcomb Accelerates Corporate Growth Strategy with Implementation of Riverbed WDS

Ware Malcomb is a national design firm offering planning, architecture, interior design, graphic design and site development services to commercial development and corporate clients throughout the United States and Mexico. The firm's corporate office is located in Irvine, Calif., with additional locations in San Diego, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Northern Calif., Sacramento, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, and New Jersey.

In 2003, Ware Malcomb launched Vision 07, an initiative to become a national firm and double the size of the company by 2007. In 2006, Ware Malcomb achieved this goal one year early. According to Moses M. Gonzales Jr., Director, Information Technology at Ware Malcomb, the acceleration delivered by Riverbed has been an important part of the company's growth strategy.

"We've been Riverbed customers since 2005, with Steelhead appliances installed at eight of our locations. Steelhead products are standard equipment as we open new offices. When we launch services in new markets, we keep staff at new locations to a minimum until we build a client base to support local employees. During this transition time, we have teams of experts from other locations work with local clients to meet their needs. Without Riverbed, this shifting of work between offices would not be as seamless."

Ware Malcomb recently installed Riverbed's Steelhead Mobile client software on the laptops of 30 of its most senior employees and at one remote location. According to Gonzales, "Many of our employees routinely work from home and at job sites. One of the biggest complaints we get in IT is poor mobile application performance. Today, employees with Steelhead Mobile on their laptops get office-like performance regardless of their location. And, for our smallest offices where deployment of a Steelhead appliance was just not feasible, we are now able to deliver LAN-like performance. The combination of the Steelhead appliances and Steelhead Mobile is unbeatable."

Steelhead Products

Riverbed's WDS solutions enable organizations of all sizes to overcome a host of severe problems, including poor application performance and insufficient bandwidth at remote sites. By speeding the performance of applications between data centers, remote offices and mobile workers by five to 50 times and in some cases up to 100 times, Riverbed's award-winning Steelhead WDS products enable companies to consolidate IT, improve backup and replication processes to ensure data integrity, and improve staff productivity and collaboration. Steelhead products have been deployed in organizations ranging from the world's largest corporations with offices around the globe to small companies with a couple of sites that are just miles apart. To learn more, view Riverbed's demo:

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements relating to the expected demand for Riverbed's products and services, statements regarding the growth characteristics of, and customer demand relating to, the mobile workforce and Steelhead Mobile market, and statements relating to Riverbed's ability to meet the needs of distributed organizations. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, as well as assumptions that, if they do not fully materialize or prove incorrect, could cause our results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. The risks and uncertainties that could cause our results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements include our ability to react to trends and challenges in our business and the markets in which we operate; our ability to anticipate market needs or develop new or enhanced products to meet those needs; the adoption rate of our products; our ability to establish and maintain successful relationships with our distribution partners; our ability to compete in our industry; fluctuations in demand, sales cycles and prices for our products and services; shortages or price fluctuations in our supply chain; our ability to protect our intellectual property rights; general political, economic and market conditions and events; and other risks and uncertainties described more fully in our documents filed with or furnished to the Securities and Exchange Commission. More information about these and other risks that may impact Riverbed's business are set forth in our Form 10-Q filed with the SEC on October 25, 2007. All forward-looking statements in this press release are based on information available to us as of the date hereof, and we assume no obligation to update these forward-looking statements. Any future product, feature or related specification that may be referenced in this release are for information purposes only and are not commitments to deliver any technology or enhancement. Riverbed reserves the right to modify future product plans at any time.

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