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February 25, 2009 13:16 ET

Subjex Corporation and Its Clients Mark One Year Anniversary of Forecast Market Software Version 3 With 82% Gross ROI

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - February 25, 2009) - Subjex Corporation (OTCBB: SBJX) today provided updates with respect to its Forecast Market Software (FMS) business strategy.

FMS is a mathematical trading software licensed to the Hedge Fund industry. The technology uses a conservative allocation strategy that forecasts the short-term general direction of major indices and makes short-term investments, long or short, on this information in advance. The methodology provides frequent compounding events, every four days on average, that account for much of the gains.

From February 2008 to February 2009 version 3 of FMS averaged 6.83% return per month, bringing this version's first year total to an astonishing 82%. FMS's principal investments are not subjected to the high risk one might typically associate with its gains. The system's previous 12 months of operations reported only 3 trade losses accounting for less than 3% accumulatively. The methodology therefore maintains a 3.37 Sharpe ratio which is extraordinary for the industry.

Andrew Dean Hyder, CEO of the Company, stated, "The success of FMS is starting to awaken the industry to the merits of an absolute return qubitrage model. We make profits from the market's volatility, not its general direction. Its success is due to conservative allocations, accurate forecasts and the frequent compounding of small profits. The model scales up into the billions of dollars which we expect to enter our hedge fund."

Hyder continued, "Our performance track record spans over 3 years now and this is really giving comfort to new investors. Our clients also have the comfort of knowing that extensive third party oversight is used, such as Associated Banc Corp's trust services. In fact we never take possession of our client's principal. In a world full of fraud and incompetence, third-party oversight is imperative. We believe that our strategy provides a signifcant and successful model worthy of adoption in the entire hedge fund industry. Our model provides absolute returns, daily trade liquidity, third-party valuation and Bank Custodian of Funds. Add to this our 82% return within the least year!"

About Subjex Corporation

Based in Minneapolis, MN, USA, Subjex Corporation is an innovative artificial intelligence development and incubation company delivering solutions for business and the capital markets. One of its feature products, FMS, is a quantitative trading engine with an innovative capital appreciation strategy that maintains high-liquidity by forecasting the short-term general direction of major indices and making short-term investments on this information in advance; it provides a market directional non-correlated source of alpha typically not found in the industry. FMS has a long term proven track record, a high Sharpe ratio of 3.37 and good risk adjusted return. Neither gaining nor losing value as a result of general market trends, FMS intentionally looks for small compounded profits by exiting positions often. For more information, visit

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