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September 29, 2015 03:30 ET

Substantial Market Opportunity for BioSolar's High Capacity Battery

Company's Proprietary Process Can Easily Integrate With Existing Li-Ion Battery Manufacturing; Facilitating Potential Commercial Adoption for the Utility-Scale Storage Market

SANTA CLARITA, CA--(Marketwired - September 29, 2015) - BioSolar, Inc. (OTCQB: BSRC), developer of breakthrough energy storage technology and materials, today commented on the potential for the Company's Super Cathode technology to benefit the booming utility-scale storage market by lowering cost and seamlessly integrating its patent pending cathode manufacturing process into existing Li-ion battery manufacturing processes.

Utility power companies, often challenged in managing the grid during peak electricity demand, are now installing battery storage solutions as an alternative to adding expensive generation capacity. Battery storage offers several benefits over traditional power sources, such as being cleaner and responding faster, as well as possessing the flexibility to be located directly at load centers. Of perhaps greatest importance, battery storage solutions are becoming increasingly less expensive than other options for tackling peak electricity demand, further generating interest from utility providers.

According to TriplePundit, while the residential energy storage market is still considered to be in its early stages in terms of adoption, the utility-scale market is booming. U.S. energy storage capacity grew by 40 percent from 2013 to 2014, with 90 percent of that new capacity deployed in front of the meter (i.e., utility-scale). The article also states that storage in all markets combined is expected to grow another 300 percent in 2015. While residential, commercial, and industrial (C&I) storage may represent just 10 percent of the overall market today, a recent GTM research report predicts behind-the-meter storage (residential, commercial, education, military or nonprofit) will account for 45 percent of the market by 2019.

An integral aspect of energy storage technology relates to how battery technology fits within existing manufacturing process infrastructure. New and innovative battery technologies often require their own set of manufacturing processes and resources. This requires additional cost and time that can make potential partners averse to a new technology, since they will need to rethink their entire manufacturing process. BioSolar's patent pending manufacturing process, which takes full advantage of its unique cathode material properties, is compatible with current battery manufacturing processes, allowing battery manufacturers to more easily replace their cathode fabrication processes with BioSolar's high capacity Super Cathode materials and processes.

"Energy storage within the utility sector has become one of the most popular areas for technology innovation and adoption," said Dr. David Lee, CEO of BioSolar. "We believe our high capacity low-cost battery technology can be at the forefront of this high-growth market. We intend to demonstrate that our cathode manufacturing is compatible with current battery manufacturing processes, and project a clear path of how we will overcome the $100/kWh cost barrier needed for mass market adoption of battery technology. As we progress through development, we are confident that our Super Cathode will stand on its own as a technology with the potential to impact energy storage applications across many sectors."

The Company recently announced that it has jointly filed a patent application with the University of California, Santa Barbara ("UCSB") in order to protect intellectual property rights which forms the basis for the company's super battery technology.

About BioSolar, Inc.

BioSolar is developing a breakthrough technology to double the storage capacity, lower the cost and extend the life of lithium-ion batteries. A battery contains two major parts, a cathode and an anode, that function together as the positive and negative sides. Today's state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery is limited by the storage capacity of its cathode, while the anode can store much more. Inspired by nature, we are developing a novel cathode based on inexpensive conductive polymers and organic materials that can fully utilize the storage capacity of conventional anodes. By integrating our high capacity, high power and low-cost cathode with conventional anodes, battery manufacturers can create a super lithium-ion battery that can double the range of a Tesla, power an iPhone for 2 days straight, or store daytime solar energy for nighttime use. Founded with the vision of developing breakthrough energy technologies, BioSolar's previous successes include the world's first UL approved bio-based back sheet for use in solar panels.

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