SOURCE: Cutting Edge Information

December 06, 2007 07:27 ET

Successful Pharmacoeconomics Groups Bridge the Gap Between Clinical and Marketing Operations

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - December 6, 2007) - Pharmaceutical business intelligence leader Cutting Edge Information has released a report that suggests that the industry's best pharmacoeconomics/health outcomes groups actually service both clinical and marketing units. "Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes: Driving Formulary Access and Reimbursement" (, found that the work of pharmacoeconomics/health outcomes personnel necessitates involvement on both the clinical and marketing sides from the early development stages of a product through the end of the product's lifecycle.

The key to bridging the clinical-marketing divide lies in where companies locate their pharmacoeconomics departments. Some companies place pharmacoeconomics groups on the commercial side of the company, locating them closer to the internal clients that actually use their findings.

However, many pharmaceutical companies, including several firms that participated in Cutting Edge Information's study, house their pharmacoeconomics groups within R&D. However, although pharmacoeconomics employees may report up through R&D, their work still crosses over into the commercial realm. At many companies, the pharmacoeconomics team continues to adapt its clinical/marketing balance throughout the product lifecycle.

"Wherever you locate your pharmacoeconomics group, there must be a reporting relationship that exists across the R&D/commercial line," said lead researcher David Richardson, a senior research analyst at Cutting Edge Information. "This cross functional reporting line ensures that the interests of both larger groups are served."

"Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes: Driving Formulary Access and Reimbursement," available at, examines eight major pharmaceutical companies' pharmacoeconomics departments' strategies, spending, structures and staffing. Compiled from interviews and surveys with pharmacoeconomics directors, associate directors and executives, group vice presidents and vice presidents of managed markets groups, the report allows drug companies to compare and improve their own pharmacoeconomics strategies.

The report features key graphics and metrics highlights including:

--  Pharmacoeconomics Budgets
--  Phase-to-Phase Brand-Level Pharmacoeconomics Spending
--  Departmental Monetary and Time Resource Allocations
--  Structures and Staffing
--  Departmental Funding Responsibilities

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