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August 07, 2012 13:00 ET

Successful Veterinary Practice Management Demands Micromanagement of the Right Staff at the Right Time

Veterinary Practice Solutions Teaches the Practice Management Skills Necessary for Practice Growth

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 7, 2012) - Veterinary Practice Solutions - Studies have shown that micromanagement, while it might work in the short term, can inhibit employee initiative and lead to resentment. But every manager knows that if some employees are not micromanaged, it could lead to disaster. What is the solution? According to Joel Parker, DVM, President and co-founder of Veterinary Practice Solutions (VPS), the key is learning how and when to micromanage. In fact, this skill is a vital part of successful veterinary practice management.

"Micromanagement has a bad name because it's done incorrectly," said Dr. Parker. "It generally refers to managers who never let an employee just get on with things. Every little thing the employees do is closely scrutinized and has to have the boss's approval - even when the employees have been with the practice for months or years and should be able to be trusted to do an excellent job."

Disgruntled employees are not the only consequence of incorrect micromanagement, explained Dr. Parker. "Another drawback to incorrect micromanagement is that the managers are so busy side-checking every detail, they don't have time to do their own jobs - specifically, to manage the practice. While they're dotting i's and crossing t's and practically doing the staff jobs for them, no one is looking at the big picture: evaluating the current scene, planning for the future and incorporating and coordinating the activities of the group to ensure it reaches its goals."

Micromanagement is the key to building a successful veterinary practice, said Dr. Parker. "A practice can't grow unless you can delegate. But to delegate, you have to have a very competent staff. Believe it or not, micromanagement is the key to building that staff. Without it, you may have one or two people you can completely rely on, but that's not enough to build a big practice. Still, the key is to micromanage correctly."

To help practice managers and owners learn more about veterinary practice management, Dr. Parker has created Whiteboard Wednesdays, a series of short videos. The videos cover a wide variety of practice management topics. To Micro-Manage or Not?, the first video on micromanagement, is available now.

To find out more about successful veterinary practice management, tune into the VPS youtube channel.

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