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September 09, 2013 16:53 ET

Suite Journeys Informs Public of Travel Industry Scam Complaints

DAYTONA BEACH, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 9, 2013) - Suite Journeys of Daytona Beach, FL, has announced today its plan to inform consumers of recent scam operations within the travel industry. Complaints from consumers regarding the travel industry have reached an all time high due to the number of travelers unable to find good deals. Vacationers are being pushed into scam contracts against their own interests, and Suite Journeys has stated its intent to help these consumers. Suite Journeys has kept a close eye on these consumer complaints in the industry and has instituted a comprehensive campaign geared towards its clients with hopes to keeping them from being scammed.

The vacation industry has experienced rapid expansion over the past few years as renewed consumer confidence has resulted in masses of people starting to vacation again. Unfortunately, scam organizations also have their eye on the industry expansion and have rolled out a variety of different tactics and means to part unsuspecting travelers from their hard earned cash. Suite Journeys has worked closely with travel industry leaders that have been around for over 30 years to research the scams that are rampant in the industry as well as develop a counter-attack.

Because so many of Suite Journeys' members are veterans of travel with multiple decades of having their finger on the pulse of the market, Suite Journeys hears story after story of horrible experiences dealing with scam companies. "After being stuck in a restrictive timeshare contract, and being baited and switched by a too-good-to-be-true travel club, we had an extremely bad taste in our mouth about the whole travel industry," Remarked Connor Locke, Suite Journeys member from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. "Suite Journeys has totally changed our minds about what is possible, they even advised us against signing up with an outfit that turned out to be a scam!"

Suite Journeys has decided to take the lead in informing as many vacationers as they can regarding these scam operations in hopes of preventing individuals and families from paying more money out of pocket.

Suite Journeys is a provider of an exclusive travel benefits and leisure lifestyle program available only to members. Suite Journeys' preferred license allows its members to enjoy vacations at whole-sale rates backed by the confidence of a price match guarantee. Their rapid expansion and growth has allowed them to advocate for consumers as well as provide their travel benefits program.

If you have information regarding travel industry scams or would like more information about Suite Journeys, call their office at (386) 682-2878 or visit them at their website

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