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September 24, 2013 14:33 ET

Suite Journeys Issues Safe Travels Warning

DAYTONA BEACH, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 24, 2013) - Suite Journeys warns travelers to be wary of the common scams and cons that target tourists on vacation. Whether enjoying an international vacation experience or just getting away for the weekend at your favorite domestic resort, it is important to be familiar with pickpocket practices.

When using public transportation in an unfamiliar city make sure to always keep your wallet or purse securely fastened to your person at all times. A common pickpocket technique is to bump you right as you are passing the turnstile. While blatant thievery in a public transit area may seem too obvious, once they have your money it is impossible to stop them from disappearing in the crowd.

If you are receiving change or using a foreign bank make sure to watch out for the "slow count" scam. Cashiers thrive on tourists who do not pay close attention to the amount of money they should be receiving back as change for a purchase. Do not let a bank teller or shop cashier short change you on your next vacation!

The shell game, often practiced on popular street corners, is one of the most obvious and well known schemes that still manage to fool tourists. This is often paired with a shill who easily wins right in front of you. When it comes time for you to play there really is no chance of winning. Street gambling games such as this should be avoided unless you are in the mood to lose!

One last tourist scam to watch out for is the "accidental spill" trick. If you are somehow the recipient of a nasty spill and a random stranger is insisting on helping to clean you up, chances are they have an accomplice trying to lift your wallet or purse at the same time. Remember to be careful when someone you do not know is suddenly being overly helpful.

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