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January 18, 2012 10:41 ET

Suits, Lies and Videotape: Guardian Jobs Talk Blagging Brits

The Employment Experts Go Live on Radio to Establish the Lengths Jobseekers Will to Go to Find Their Dream Job

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 18, 2012) - Aired last night, Suits is the latest series to come from satirical TV comedy channel, Dave. The series portrays how a college dropout, Mike Ross, manages to land his dream job at a New York law firm by blagging the interview. Mike's lies and startling audacity at interview have sparked topical commentary within the jobs sector. Britain's employment experts, Guardian Jobs, have gone live on air (including LBC, Five Live and BBC Radio Scotland) to discuss the lengths jobseekers will to go to land their dream job. All 16 radio interviews, starring jobs expert Sophie Relf from Guardian Jobs, were broadcast around the country and follow research conducted by Dave - The Dave Suits Report.

The research (involving 2,000 adults) reveals that alarmingly, 6/10 jobseekers are perfectly happy to lie at interview in order to blag their dream job; 1/4 jobseekers admit to exaggerating and adding fabrications to their CV and 1/3 have interviewed for jobs they lack any of the necessary qualifications for.

Age, relevant skills and travel were popular fibbing factors. The research suggests that British jobseekers have no qualms in trying to impress a potential boss by lying about their age and 4/10 jobseekers considered 'blagging skills' more important than having a picture perfect CV. Others confessed to having no problem lying about the countries they'd visited to appear more travelled but, most bizarrely, some jobseekers even pretended to have children in order to land a job and appear settled and committed.

Is pretending to smoke, lying about your age, sending gifts with CVs and using friends as referees what it takes to land a dream job in 2012? In the nationwide interviews Sophie Relf from Guardian Jobs discusses the current employment climate, the difficulties jobseekers are currently experiencing in the face of our online social zeitgeist and viable tips jobseekers can use to ensure they stand out from the competition.

Praised as the "most informative radio interview" one Radio Northern Ireland presenter had ever been involved with, jobs expert Sophie Relf comments: "Jobseekers shouldn't feel pressured to lie, exaggerate or show off. Networking is the key to getting credible references and endorsements of ability and work ethic. Candidates should Google themselves and check privacy settings to avoid being judged ahead of making it onto a shortlist. And employers should avoid creating great long checklists of requirements that fundamentally do not check a candidate's ability to do the job in question."

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