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December 15, 2008 12:11 ET

Sulake Corporation Utilizes Infobright for Advanced Analytic Data Warehouse Capabilities

Online Entertainment Company Gains Higher Productivity for Habbo, the Largest Global Virtual Community for Teens

TORONTO--(Marketwire - December 15, 2008) - Infobright, the open source data warehousing company, today announced that online entertainment company Sulake Corporation has selected Infobright Enterprise Edition (IEE) as an analytic data warehouse solution. IEE accelerates the process of analyzing the torrent of data produced by more than 10 million unique visitors to Sulake's Habbo, the world's largest virtual world and social networking environment for teenagers. With Infobright, Sulake is increasing productivity by reducing the wait time for analytics processing, while also reducing the amount of server and storage infrastructure required for their growing data volumes.

Some 32 countries on six continents play host to Sulake's localized Habbo communities, and over 10 million unique users worldwide visit Habbo each month. Sulake is focused on offering the most engaging social entertainment solutions, and to fully understand what its communities need, the company must analyze huge amounts of data every day.

"We work in an environment which changes constantly and we drive that change by rolling out a substantial upgrade to the product each month. At that pace of development, getting feedback on results in less than 24 hours is crucial to success," said Osma Ahvenlampi, chief technology officer for Sulake. "Unfortunately, our existing infrastructure couldn't adapt with our growth pace. Ad-hoc queries were too slow, introducing new metrics was cumbersome, and changing the system was too costly. We needed more speed and simply throwing more hardware at the problem wouldn't be enough."

Sulake opted for Infobright's analyst data warehouse solution because it offered the performance needed along with a full-feature set and a low total cost of deployment. It also fit easily into the company's existing infrastructure based on Linux, MySQL, and Java toolchains. The company was able to go straight from a proof of concept to a production implementation and after just a couple of weeks began analyzing its first dataset exclusively using Infobright.

"Infobright will clearly reduce the amount of time required for our analytics processing, which will make our teams more productive and allow us to respond more quickly to the demands of our communities," added Ahvenlampi. "Infobright's efficient use of servers will also dramatically reduce our hardware requirements."

"Like so many companies, Sulake recognized the very simple yet compelling value proposition of Infobright," said Miriam Tuerk, chief executive officer of Infobright. "Even for companies dealing with massive amounts of data, Infobright offers an easy-to-implement solution that delivers greater performance for less cost."

About Sulake

Sulake Corporation is an online entertainment company focused on virtual worlds and social networking. Sulake's main product is Habbo, the world's largest virtual world and online community for teenagers. There are localized Habbo communities in 32 countries on six continents. To date over 117 million Habbo characters have been created and 10.4 million unique users worldwide visit Habbo each month (source: Google Analytics).

Sulake was established in 2000 and it has almost doubled its annual revenues each year. The main shareholders in Sulake include Taivas Group, Elisa Group, 3i Group plc, and Balderton Capital followed by Movida Group (in Japan), the company's founders Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä, Sulake's CEO Timo Soininen and other personnel.

Sulake has offices in 15 countries. Its headquarters is situated in Helsinki, Finland. Currently the company has over 300 employees worldwide. For more information, visit and

About Infobright

Infobright, the open source data warehousing company, has pioneered the development of self-managing data warehouse software. The critical need for business intelligence, coupled with the dramatic growth of corporate data, has outpaced IT's resources and budget within many companies. Infobright's technology solves this problem by delivering a highly scalable analytic data warehouse that reduces ongoing management by up to 90 percent and costs significantly less than other data warehouse solutions. Infobright's solution is being used by companies in online marketing, financial services, telecommunications and other industries to provide rapid access to critical business data with unmatched operational simplicity. For more information, please visit

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