Garden Protein International Inc.

Garden Protein International Inc.

June 27, 2011 11:57 ET

Summer "Gardein Party" Aims to Serve 10,000 Healthy Meatless Meals in DC, Boston, Chicago and Atlanta

Gardein challenges Americans to give up meat one day a week this summer

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - June 27, 2011) -

Garden Protein International, the makers of healthy and tasty Gardein – an award-winning line meat-free foods – today in conjunction with the Meatless Monday organization launched a national health movement designed to convince even the meatiest of carnivores to try the "flexitarian" way of life this summer. As a bonus, for every American that pledges to go meat-free one day a week this summer, Gardein will donate a meatless meal to people in need.

"Changing your eating habits isn't all or nothing – small steps can make a big difference," says Yves Potvin, president of Garden Protein. "Every day, the average American eats a half pound of meat, almost 50 percent more than the USDA recommends. Diversifying your protein intake and skipping the meat, even one day a week, can make a positive impact on your health, and towards the health of our planet."

Peggy Neu, president of Monday Campaigns, the organization behind Meatless Monday, adds, "Gardein shares our vision that eating less meat, even one day a week, can be a great start on the pathway to better health. We aim to show people that going meatless doesn't mean getting a lecture. It can be a party: fun, upbeat, positive, and something you want to share with your friends."

In four cities – Washington, D.C., Boston, Chicago and Atlanta – that are known for burgers, bratwurst, barbecue, and baked beans, Gardein aims to show that its frozen and fresh meat-free foods are packed with enough garden grown protein, vegetables and grains that Americans won't miss the meat. New York Times best-selling author of The Conscious Cook, Chef Tal Ronnen, says he likes using Gardein because it cooks just like meat and is easily substituted for chicken or beef in everyday meals.

"You can use Gardein in all of your favorite recipes from your grandmother's chicken parmesan to BBQ chicken and burgers. Going meatless doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste or take the time to soak beans overnight in order to get the protein you need," Ronnen said.

The Gardein Party kicks off in Washington, D.C., on Fourth of July weekend before taking the party on the road. In each market, Gardein will host demonstrations, share simple recipes, and distribute samples of its Seven Grain Crispy Tenders, Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick'n and Ultimate Beefless Burger. Further, for the first 10,000 people to pledge to go meat-free for one day a week this summer, Gardein will donate an equal number of meals from its full line of meat-free entrees to a local non-profit in each of the four cities. Each Meat-Free Challenge participant will also be entered to win a Gardein Party in their home prepared by Chef Tal for up to 10 of their friends.

For the first 10,000 people to sign up for the Meat-Free Summer Challenge, Gardein will donate an equal number of meals from its full line tasty and healthy meatless entrees. Food will be distributed equally to non-profits in four cities.

"Meatless Mondays' skyrocketing popularity shows that everyone can get behind healthy eating and animal welfare improvements," stated Paul Shapiro, senior director of farm animal protection for The Humane Society of the United States. "Simply by joining Meatless Mondays, everyone can enjoy a tremendous variety of satisfying foods while helping animals, protecting our environment, and promoting better health."

In the D.C. area, residents may sample Gardein for free and sign up for the Meat-Free Summer Challenge at Roots Markets on July 2 (Clarksville at lunchtime and Olney at dinnertime) and the National Freedomfest on July 3-4.

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