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November 14, 2006 08:00 ET

Summer Sandals Left You With Hardened Heels? A Podiatrist's Tips to Save Your Soles This Winter

BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 14, 2006 -- Sun, sweat and the friction from sandals rubbing against bare feet make for an abrasive foot environment. After months of exposure to these conditions, many people are left with thickened, unsightly heels. To protect itself from direct contact, the skin responds by adding extra layers of dead skin (callous). As the temperature drops and winter nears, it is important to protect feet from further harm, as hardened heels crack and infections creep in. To keep feet hydrated, healthy and smooth, Dr. Carolyn Siegal leading podiatrist and creator of "Dr. Carolyn's Savvy Nail Kit," has created an innovative product called "Dr. Carolyn's Savvy Velvet Creme." Siegal explains that the cream is made with botanicals, vitamins A, C, and E, as well as natural acids to gently remove dead skin cells. "I routinely prescribe medical-strength creams for patients with dry, cracked heels. However, my patients complain that these creams lack fragrance and luxurious cosmetic qualities. I therefore fused the effectiveness of prescription treatments with a silky cosmetic blend. My Velvet Crème contains powerful moisturizing ingredients, but is graced with indulgent fragrances such as sugar cookie and rosemary-lime. In addition, the luscious texture of the cream quenches thirsty skin leaving it rejuvenated and velvety soft," explains Siegal. The creams can also be applied to other rough areas of the body such as elbows, knees and backs of hands.

"The extra layers of dead skin (or callous) that develop to protect exposed summer feet will crack if not treated appropriately," says Siegal. "Cracked heels can not only be painful, but can also leave you at risk for infection if the cracks provide a direct path to deeper skin layers."

A few simple, preventative tactics will keep your feet beautiful and healthy throughout winter.

--  Moisturize and Cover Up -- Moisturizing creams will seep into the skin
    more effectively if applied at night and covered with clean cotton socks
    immediately after application and just before bed.
--  Carry Cream -- Buy a travel-sized bottle at the drug store and fill it
    with your cream.  Keep this bottle in your purse to quench your heels'
    thirst throughout the day.
--  Super Charge -- For severely dry skin with superficial cracks,
    supercharge your moisturizing routine by applying cream to the skin after
    your morning shower, twice more during the day, and before bed. As skin
    hydration improves, decrease the application to morning and night.
--  See Your Podiatrist -- If you notice cracks affecting deeper than the
    top layers of skin, contact your podiatrist immediately for proper
    treatment. This condition can lead to an infection if left untreated.
--  Continue Your Mani/Pedi Habit -- A luxurious pedicure in winter is the
    ultimate indulgence. Enjoy a deep moisturizing treatment or massage to
    nurture your feet as the temperature drops. Keep it safe by carrying your
    own tools to each nail appointment.
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