July 19, 2011 07:28 ET

Sun, Sand & Savings: Cheapening the Way to a Student Getaway Makes Travel on a Shoestring Budget a Cinch for Students Feeling the Pinch

LONDON--(Marketwire - Jul 19, 2011) - As student outrage over the rising cost of tuition fees hits an ultimate high, concern grows over staying within budget during summer holidays. The UK's leading website for flight price comparison eases the strain with its top tips for keeping costs low.

"There's no escaping the fact that travel money is tight for the summer, particularly for students. However, this doesn't have to mean cutting out holiday plans to cut back on costs," says Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for

"There are plenty of ways to keep costs low, from taking advantage of smartphone apps to get round the cost of purchasing guidebooks to pre-paid currency cards and couch surfing," adds Hallak.

Read on for Cheapflights' guide to trailblazing the way to a cheap student getaway:

1) Travel Light: The simplest rule of all. Baggage fees are among the rising costs concerning travellers, so keep it simple and don't pack more than you need.

2) Smartphone assistant: Don't waste money on a guide book, download a soft copy for the destination(s) you're visiting, and let your smartphone be your guide to knowing what to expect in the way of local ground costs as well as helping you to avoid scams.

3) Exchange rates: Familiarise yourself with the exchange rate in order to avoid being ripped off when exchanging money.

4) Laptop: Bring a laptop and take advantage of free WIFI, which is available in lots of hostels and airports. You can then chat to your family and friends without paying a penny.

5) Unlock your phone: Doing so means you can purchase local sim cards cheaply to allow family and friends to foot the bill for contacting you, without it cost you a penny. It's significantly cheaper than roaming internationally.

6) Travel insurance: Research the cheapest deals online prior to travel. Paying the small fee for decent travel insurance can mean saving on the hefty fees that would be charged if anything goes wrong, including medical care.

7) Debit cards: Travellers cheques and credit cards can mean losing a lot in commission. Bringing a debit card is a safer and cheaper option.

8) Pre-paid currency card: Functions the same way as a credit card, you can only spend the amount loaded onto them, and your family can top it up as needed. There are many around, so choose wisely and select those that don't charge for usage or cash withdrawal, and are protected by a PIN. Recommended cards include Mastercard, MyTravelCash, and Travelex.

9) Visas: Countries that require visas for entry will involve payment to get the visa, so if you've yet to book and are cutting on costs, these might be best to avoid.

10) Cheaper currencies: If going long haul, stick with countries that have weaker currencies and lower ground costs such as Southeast Asia and India where your money goes further.

11) Couchsurf: Save on hotels and hostels for a night on the couch. Try websites such as and liaise with thousands of travellers or locals worldwide who might be happy to host tourists on their couch for the night.

12) Student cards: These can often mean discounting prices by up to 1/3, so if you have one, put it to good use and save big.

13) Shoulder seasons: Travelling during the shoulder season means enjoying a destination off peak, away from the crowds where prices are often down by half, but the weather is still nice.

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