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May 15, 2007 09:30 ET

Sunbelt Software Adds IDS/IPS Functionality to CounterSpy™ Gateway SDK

Upgrade Includes SNORT®-Compatible Engine for Detecting Inbound and Outbound Malicious Traffic

CLEARWATER, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 15, 2007 -- Sunbelt Software, a leading provider of Windows security software, today announced that the company's CounterSpy Gateway Software Development Kit (SDK) now includes a SNORT-compatible engine that provides inbound and outbound intrusion detection and prevention functionality. This addition provides today's leading security appliance vendors and managed service providers the ability to deliver multi-function threat defense at the gateway.

The CounterSpy Gateway SDK is a powerful toolkit which enables OEM partners to integrate robust antispyware and antimalware capabilities into their products and accelerate time-to-market cycles. In addition to utilizing a large database of spyware signatures, the SDK's new engine runs standard SNORT and BleedingEdge threat signatures. The SDK can be integrated into proxies or gateway appliances and provides full access to CounterSpy's threat detection engine, enabling OEMs to provide best-of-breed antimalware technology as part of a comprehensive threat prevention solution.

"Our customers are some of the most demanding security vendors in the industry, and rightly so as they count on us to help them stay market leaders," said Chad Loeven, vice-president of business development for Sunbelt Software. "By adding this kind of functionality into our OEM gateway solutions, we significantly reduce time to market and product development risk and cost for the customer."

About CounterSpy Gateway SDK

The CounterSpy Gateway SDK is a powerful product which enables OEMs to incorporate antispyware scanning at the network perimeter. Utilizing one of the industry's largest databases of spyware signatures, the CounterSpy Gateway SDK provides OEMs the ability to rapidly integrate world-class spyware protection into software proxies or gateway appliances. For more information on the CounterSpy Gateway SDK please visit

Availability and Licensing

The CounterSpy Gateway SDK is available to OEMs for use with Windows or Linux/Unix-based gateway and proxy systems. Flexible licensing models are available based on the needs of the OEM. For more information on the CounterSpy Gateway SDK, contact Sunbelt Software business development at

About Sunbelt Software

Headquartered in Tampa Bay (Clearwater), Fla., Sunbelt Software was founded in 1994 and is a leading provider of Windows security software with product solutions in the areas of antispam and antivirus, antispyware, and vulnerability assessment. Leading products include the CounterSpy product line, Sunbelt Messaging Ninja and endpoint firewall technologies. The company is part of Sunbelt International Group, based in Paris, France.

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