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November 19, 2007 11:15 ET

Sunbelt Software Introduces New Email Archiving Solution for Microsoft Exchange

Sunbelt Exchange Archiver™ Delivers Cost-Effective Enterprise-Class Email Archiving for Organizations of All Sizes

CLEARWATER, FL--(Marketwire - November 19, 2007) - Sunbelt Software, a leading provider of Windows security and management software, today announced the release of Sunbelt Exchange Archiver, its new email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange environments. Sunbelt Exchange Archiver (SEA) delivers cost-effective enterprise-class email archiving for organizations of all sizes, providing administrators with intelligent features such as integrated Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), Direct Archiving for instant archival of incoming mail, full email continuity and disaster recovery, and seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

SEA combines efficiency and innovation to give organizations a powerful email lifecycle management system that offers tamper-proof, long-term storage of emails with easy retrieval capabilities and full-text searching. SEA enables companies to preserve all electronic messages on a broad range of storage media, offloading the strain on Exchange servers.

"Among all of the problems we have found in managing email systems over the past two years, growth in email storage has been the most serious problem we have found, cited by 60% of messaging decision makers as serious or very serious," said Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research. "The ability to archive content quickly and efficiently can dramatically ease the burden of managing an email system, not to mention the benefits it provides for disaster recovery, preserving corporate knowledge and other capabilities."

"Sunbelt Exchange Archiver provides a cost-effective solution for customers concerned with archiving email for legal, retention and compliance reasons, as well as significant benefits in terms of reducing the size of the Exchange store," said Alex Eckelberry, CEO of Sunbelt Software. "With Sunbelt Exchange Archiver, our customers are able to better cope with the growing volume of emails and gain control over their email management storage costs while ensuring compliance and increasing performance and efficiency."

Integrated Hierarchical Storage Management

The innovative Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) engine is at the core of SEA and was developed specifically for high volume archiving processes. The HSM engine redirects emails to and from the Exchange server, database and various storage media.

Unlike other archiving solutions, SEA's built-in HSM functionality is available at no additional cost, and delivers a number of unique features that help simplify the archiving and disaster recovery process for administrators including flexible storage optimization, parallel and long-term archiving, and a third party product integration post processing tool.

The HSM store is also ideal for disaster recovery purposes, as it locates and retrieves emails from multiple storage devices and delivers them to multiple mailboxes in the quickest response time.

"Direct Archiving" eliminates need for Journaling

SEA provides a unique Direct Archiving feature that enables archiving of emails immediately after they are received. Direct Archiving is a significant breakthrough in efficient email archiving which eliminates the need for the Exchange Journal mailbox. Immediate archiving onto storage media improves the performance of the Exchange server, helps to ensure legal compliance, and diminishes the necessity to apply scheduler, threshold and quota archiving jobs.

Email continuity and disaster recovery

SEA allows full business continuity should the Exchange server go down by providing access to archived mails. In the event of a power outage, natural disaster or human error, and the Exchange server crashes, SEA archives all incoming and outgoing emails to protect against email loss. Multiple saved messages on duplicate storage are retrieved quickly by the administrator and once the Exchange server is repaired or replaced, email and more importantly, business continuity is guaranteed.

Seamless integration with Outlook

SEA is fully transparent with Outlook and OWA, so users experience no difference between archived messages and non-archived messages. No special software needs to be installed on the client for archiving to take place -- only a small icon in Outlook indicates that an email message has been archived. Messages can be searched, edited, forwarded, moved to other folders or deleted. Unlike traditional storage methods, it is interactive, enabling users to access and retrieve archived messages at any time, immediately and transparently.

PST file gatherer/importer

SEA has the powerful ability to automatically or manually import PST files throughout an organization, ensuring that emails archived in the past by users are brought into SEA for complete management. This tool enables administrators to import existing PST files (including folder structure) to the email archive no matter which device PST files are stored on.

Blackberry support

SEA provides a Blackberry compatibility feature that allows users to view archived messages on their PDA.

Outlook/Entourage: Mac support

For those organizations that use both Microsoft and Apple systems on a daily basis, Mac users can also access archived emails via the Entourage office suite for Mac OS X.

eDiscovery web interface

Easy-to-use search capabilities in SEA's eDiscovery web interface allow users to search for archived messages and attachments. This can be accessed directly from an Outlook add-in or via an Internet browser. Both simple and complex search queries can be made using the extensive search criteria both in body text and attachments. The searches are granular and permission-based for users, administrators, and auditors. Additionally, results can be viewed in detailed reports and exported as PST files for portability.

Availability and pricing

SEA is available immediately and priced aggressively for all corporate environments and includes one year of support, updates and upgrades. Customers can purchase SEA on a per-mailbox basis. Pricing includes the first year maintenance and starts at $249.00 for 5 mailboxes with a sliding scale discount based on number of mailboxes. A 30-day trial version of SEA is available on the Sunbelt Software website. SEA supports Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, and 2007 server systems.

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Headquartered in Tampa Bay (Clearwater), Fla., Sunbelt Software was founded in 1994 and is a leading provider of Windows security and management software with product solutions in the areas of antispam and antivirus, antispyware, and vulnerability assessment. Leading products include the CounterSpy product line, Ninja Email Security and endpoint firewall technologies. The company is part of Sunbelt International Group, based in Paris, France.

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