SOURCE: Angel's Studio

July 08, 2008 12:38 ET

"Sunday School Values" Find a Home at Interfaith Prayer Site Abraham's Table

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - July 8, 2008) - A recent Washington Post article titled "Non-Christians Learn Sunday School Values" described the efforts of diverse religious groups -- Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and humanists -- to expand their teachings to include a solid grounding in the world's religions. The goal: to bring about peace and justice through understanding and prayer. One Chicago-area organization is seeking to foster those same "Sunday School values" through its interfaith prayer site, Pray At Abraham's Table:

A new media offering from Angel's Studio, a communications agency in Chicago, Pray At Abraham's Table is an online gathering place designed to bring together Jews, Christians and Muslims in "a mingling of shared prayers to our one God." The site invites people of all faiths -- or no faith -- to share their prayers for peace and understanding. Visitors are encouraged to reflect, pray and post short petitions expressing their wishes for personal, community or world peace. Its founders hope that the petitions will inspire future visitors seeking prayer and unity around the world.

In addition to providing prayers from these three major faiths, and inviting new prayers from visitors, Abraham's Table provides simple suggestions for how to work for peace.

According to founder Derek Simons, the image of Abraham's Table recalls the shared roots of Jews, Christians, and Muslims -- all faith groups that branched out from the family tree of Abraham. He explains, "In a time of religious conflict, stereotyping, and indifference, Pray At Abraham's Table celebrates the one God who has created us all... and filled us with wonder and hope."

About Abraham's Table

Pray At Abraham's Table is a new media initiative of Angel's Studio in Chicago. Angel's Studio is a communications agency devoted to building bridges of cooperation between different faith groups using the digital and expressive arts. As a communications ministry of the international Roman Catholic Order -- the Society of The Divine Word, this community serves people of faith, or without faith, around the world, in the belief that there is a place for All God's Children at the table of life. Dialogue and cooperation with other faith traditions is a priority of this community.

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