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Sundaybell Inc.

March 16, 2011 11:39 ET

Sundaybell Can Help You Save Money When Buying or Selling Real Estate!

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 16, 2011) -

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With the launch of, homebuyers and sellers could potentially save thousands of dollars in commission fees by negotiating their terms with agents anonymously online.

This innovative new company uses a profile based matching system to partner customers with compatible agents who are either already in the system or invited in by the customer. By creating an anonymous profile, customers specify which real estate services and fee options they are interested in and negotiate the best deal possible with responding agents. To help them understand what services they may need, Sundaybell also provides a number of helpful tips and advice as a guide.

"People are tired of paying for services they don't need," says Andrew Brest, Sundaybell's Vice President of Marketing. "With Sundaybell, they can learn about the types of services agents offer, decide for themselves what they want and negotiate accordingly."

Brest's observations reflect a growing change in the real estate industry as a whole. In October 2010, the Canadian Real Estate Association announced a change in their policy, now allowing agents to post listings for customers on the MLS for a flat fee. While new to Canada, this model has already been in use throughout the United States for a few years. Lee Redwood, Vice President of Sales, feels the tendency for customers to explore their options when buying and selling real estate is on the rise. "Everybody wants to save money and the only way to do that is to know what your options are and negotiate effectively. You can do that through Sundaybell."

And you can do it anonymously, which helps customers overcome any shyness about negotiating fees. "A lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about money," says Brest. "With Sundaybell they can clearly say what they want to pay without feeling embarrassed."

"It also allows customers to negotiate with agents they may already know, without the pressure or obligation to pay for full service if that's not what they're interested in," adds Redwood.

How does this affect agents and their business, though? "It's a tremendous opportunity!" exclaims Redwood. "You need to adapt to changing circumstances and we're offering agents the chance to do exactly that. By tailoring their service offering and fees to suit customers' needs, it creates the opportunity of negotiating with more customers that, initially, may have not considered using an agent because of the costs associated with it."

Available immediately to customers across the United States and Canada, Sundaybell addresses a growing need that Brest and Redwood feel has been largely ignored by traditional real estate. "It's a tough economy and customers are smarter. They are educating themselves and looking for options. And, they all want good value, so it's a natural progression to move towards an option that gives them what they're looking for: and that's Sundaybell," says Redwood.

By educating customers to save money through better-informed decisions when buying and selling real estate, Sundaybell is about to change the way the industry works. To find out more, visit

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