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August 16, 2012 14:43 ET

Sunfood Defends Attacks on Corporate Integrity

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 16, 2012) - The following is a statement from Alessandra Lezama, President of Sunfood Corporation:

Sunfood would like to take an opportunity to provide our customers and the public with information regarding Sunfood's interest and/or affiliation with Monsanto or any other third-party organization.

Over the course of the last several years, David Wolfe has posted disparaging and defamatory statements about Sunfood on social media outlets and other sources making claims that Sunfood is affiliated in some way with Monsanto and/or Procter & Gamble. Further, he has made false claims regarding ownership of Sunfood. These are all defamatory comments which aim to damage Sunfood's reputation in support of Mr. Wolfe's self-serving financial agenda. Mr. Wolfe is aligned with at least two organizations that are in direct competition with Sunfood.

Sunfood has been aware of these attacks for some time now and up to this date had chosen to remain focused on our mission. However, in light of the recent concerns we have heard our clients' voice, we feel it is a matter of principal to defend the attacks on our Corporate Integrity.

David Wolfe's defamatory statements are now causing direct damage to Sunfood's reputation, which level of damage is only increasing as Sunfood's market share grows. As a result, Sunfood has had no alternative but to remit a demand to Mr. Wolfe to immediately cease and desist from posting any further disparaging and defamatory comments about Sunfood and post appropriate retractions on his Facebook page and Twitter account, and anywhere else he may have made defamatory comments about Sunfood. Sunfood's legal team is prepared to take any necessary actions, should Mr. Wolfe fail to so act immediately.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this press release shall serve as confirmation that Sunfood Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunfood LLC which is owned by a private investor in no way associated, affiliated, connected or in partnership with any other third party organization, including but not limited to Monsanto and/or Procter & Gamble. Further, no employee, vendor, contractor or associate has any connection to the aforementioned organizations.

Sunfood is a vocal proponent of the Non-GMO and organic agriculture movements. We remain true to our mission of scouring the globe to source and provide our consumers with the highest quality 100% organic or wild-crafted products which have been sustainably-grown and that are never genetically modified or contaminated with synthetic chemicals.

Sunfood is independently certified organic by CCOF, and has undergone and passed the Non-GMO Project Verification. This can all be validated with the independent organic certifications kept on file at the Sunfood headquarters, located in San Diego, California, as well as through third party auditors and organizations which links have been provided herein:

Sunfood is certified organic by CCOF:
Sunfood is verified non-GMO by Non-GMO Project:
Sunfood is a member of the Organic Trade Association:
Sunfood has endorsed California Prop 37:

Sunfood's dedicated team of passionate, healthy-living enthusiasts take great pride in enriching lives and enhancing health through providing the highest quality, nutritious foods. 

We highly value the patronage of our loyal clients and we sincerely hope that this statement helps to appease any concerns. 

For any further information and or details please contact Eric Cutler, Media Relations, at and/or myself directly.

Sincerely yours,
Alessandra Lezama
President, Sunfood Corporation

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