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January 30, 2008 23:27 ET

Sunlawn Reel Push Mowers Lead the Way With Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Lawn Care Practices at Earth Day 2008

Environmentally Friendly Push Mowers From Sunlawn Keep Growing on Today's Homeowners

FORT COLLINS, CO--(Marketwire - January 30, 2008) - With gasoline hovering between $3.00 and $4.00 a gallon, energy conservation and alternatives to expensive foreign oil will undoubtedly be a primary focal point at Earth Day events on April 22nd throughout the nation and around the world. Founded in 1970, the annual celebration of the environment now typically attracts approximately 1 billion participants, providing a global showcase for emerging technologies and ways for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint and avoid unnecessary use of non-renewable resources.

Among the hottest trends in today's sustainable lifestyle movement is the adoption of environmentally friendly lawn care and gardening practices. According to market research firm Packaged Facts, the organic and "green" gardening sector will experience annual double digit growth for at least the next five years, a jump industry analysts say is driven by consumers' desire for products that support a more sustainable and healthier approach to yard maintenance. None of this is surprising to Terry Jarvis, founder and CEO of Sunlawn, developer of human-powered "push" lawn mowers.

"Now that concern for the environment touches virtually every aspect of our lives, we're beginning to see eco-friendly lawn care solutions such as our Sunlawn Reel Mowers resonate very strongly with the mainstream consumer market," said Mr. Jarvis, creator of the Sunlawn mowers and a pioneer in today's push mower industry. "In addition to saving money on gasoline, homeowners find that mowing with an easy to push, lightweight, safe and whisper-quiet Sunlawn not only delivers optimal care for the lawn but has zero impact on the environment."

Although push or "reel" mowers were originally developed in the 1830s, Mr. Jarvis and his company, Sunlawn, created a remarkable resurgence in their popularity. His dedication to revitalize gardening the way it is meant to be and an increase in environmental awareness and events such as Earth Day help provide practical steps that consumers can easily take to help the environment.

Further enhancing the appeal of human-powered mowing are new lightweight Sunlawn models that offer an ease of use unimaginable with earlier mowers. The result of over a decade of research and experience, Sunlawn officials say the LMM models are the industry's finest energy-efficient, zero-emission, noise-free and naturally fertilizing mowers ever developed. Each unit boasts Sunlawn's patented adjustable height trimming system, a feature that turns clippings into natural mulch which Mr. Jarvis said makes raking unnecessary.

"We have re-invented the push mower," Mr. Jarvis commented. "Today's version of the mower you may remember hanging in your granddad's shed is now a pleasure to use and trims grass with a precision never possible before."

Meticulously manufactured with high-quality, rust-resistant materials and flame hardened cutting systems, the Sunlawn mower rarely needs lubrication and blades typically perform for up to a decade before requiring sharpening. Compared to gas-powered mowers that need tune-ups, sparkplug replacement and burn increasingly expensive gas, Mr. Jarvis said push mowing is virtually maintenance-free.

"When you consider that Sunlawn push mowers are 100 percent emission free and don't cost a dime to operate, they're truly the Earth Day way to care for your lawn," he said.

Sunlawn's LMM Series Push Mowers, and the full line of electric and manual mowers, trimmers-edgers and accessories, are covered by a limited two-year manufacturer's warranty and are available online at and and at ACE Hardware, True Value and other lawn and garden retailers. For more information about Sunlawn, Inc. and other lawn care tips on any season, visit their website at or media contact Gretchen Heine at 805-962-1347 or via email at

Sunlawn Conscientious Garden Solutions

How much impact does a gas-powered mower have on the environment?

Research tests found that operating a typical four-cycle, gas-powered motor engine mower produces and emits as many pollutants as driving a conventional car running at about 150 km or 95 miles, which means that unless one is driving more than 95 mph, the mower actually produces more pollution per hour than the car!

"A US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) study found that gas- and motor-powered lawn and garden equipment causes approximately 9 percent of air pollutants nationwide with the concentration of lawns in metropolitan areas causing a 33 percentage increase," says Terry Jarvis, founder of Sunlawn. The Sunlawn LMM Push Mower eliminates all the other dangers associated with power mowers, including toxic fumes, overheating motors, and potential burns.

What is a "reel" mower? How is it different from a rotary mower?

Reel or cylinder mowers are typically human-powered "push" mowers that cut grass with a set of spiral-cylindrical blades spinning on a horizontal axis. Rotary mowers are powered by combustion or electric motors and typically tear rather than cut grass with a blade spinning horizontally at high speed, leaving uneven blade tips. In contrast, reel mowers cut grass cleanly with a scissor-like action. This is accomplished by several spiral blades interacting with a stationary blade, resulting in a cleaner cut which makes for a healthier lawn. In addition to producing zero-emissions, reel mowers are extremely quiet while in use and do not contribute to noise pollution.

How does the Sunlawn multi-blade system work?

The reel and the bed knife (stationary blade) of the Sunlawn mowers clear each other by a tiny gap of 0.05 mm, or roughly less than the width of a blade of grass. The non-contact cutting system gives the same scissor cut one expects from a reel mower but with less rolling friction and less noise. Before leaving the factory the blades of a new mower are set optimally.

What kinds of grass can be cut with the Sunlawn mowers?

The Sunlawn mowers can mow all types of North American turf. The Sunlawn LMM series is the most versatile push reel mower available. However, for Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine grasses Sunlawn recommends the seven blade model MM-2.

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