February 26, 2008 17:40 ET

SunoMusic: A One-Stop Source for Everything Bollywood

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 26, 2008) -

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Enamored by the glitz and glamour of Bollywood? Intrigued by those lilting melodies, foot-tapping beats and catchy tunes that you can't get out of your head? Then, welcome to SunoMusic, a unique Internet Web site from Toronto, that lives, thinks and breathes Bollywood. Here is a Web site where Bollywood fans can tune into night or day, 24/7, to listen to their favorite Bollywood hits, check out new numbers or even read some sensational Bollywood news and reviews.

Bollywood is the popular name used to describe the Mumbai-based Hindi language film industry in India. But today its reach has transcended national, cultural and linguistic borders. SunoMusic brings that exciting, thrilling world to the global audience with its top-of-the-line family-friendly entertainment without annoying pop-ups and nauseating ads. SunoMusic in Bollywood language (Hindi) means "listen to music"

"We want to give our users an experience they've never had before," says Suresh Krishnan, who conceptualized SunoMusic. "The quality of streaming is excellent, it's exclusively Bollywood and there's nothing out there that's quite like it."

Currently SunoMusic offers more than 12,000 songs, all of which may be enjoyed free of cost and will soon start offering audio and video downloads. SunoMusic takes the interactive experience to the next level by offering a variety of exciting features that help listeners share the music they love. It also gives listeners the latest scoop on Bollywood stars and a host of fun games. SunoMusic will also showcase South Asian artists and provide them a platform to exhibit their talents and promote themselves globally.

SunoMusic's single minded focus, user friendly design, availability through igoogle & netvibes gives it a unique advantage and ability to catch the pulse of the global audience.

Also, check out our songs from latest movies such as "Jodha Akhbar," "Black and White" and "Race." We've also added a unique "song dedication" feature where you can dedicate a song from our site to a friend or a loved one, which they can then access through a link to SunoMusic.

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Notes :

1) The primary audience for SunoMusic are overseas Indians and expatriate Indians. As per Wikipedia, this is around 25 million. If Indian Diaspora( people of Indian origin but citizens of other countries; for example people of Pakistan) is also taken consideration, the number is likely to be double. Apart from it, scores of people from USA, Europe and Asia are also increasingly turning their attention to Bollywood. So based on a conservative estimate, the total number of audience for SunoMusic would be around 60 million.

2) As per Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Bollywood film industry will more than double its size over the next four years, from over $ 2 billion dollars in revenue to close to $4.5 billion

3) Sony, Disney, NBC and Viacom are some of the major Hollywood companies that entered Bollywood in partnership with Indian companies recently


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