SOURCE: SunRise Imaging, Inc.

May 17, 2005 07:00 ET

SunRise Announces the New High-Speed S3000 RapidScan

The SunRise 3000 RapidScan With a New Imaging Architecture, Which Delivers Speeds Up to 350 Pages-per-Minute

TUSTIN, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 17, 2005 -- SunRise Imaging, Inc. (SRI), the pioneer in high-performance microfilm scanning products, today announced the SunRise 3000 RapidScan. SunRise Imaging, the global leader in the microfilm scanning industry, with the largest installed base in the world, has made a major step in digital microfilm scanning. The new system incorporates not only the state-of-the-art in imaging hardware components but has new software architecture to deliver the highest performance-to-cost capability in a microfilm scanner. The new design delivers instant response to the user without having to rescan. Image processing, filtering and enhancing of the image is fully grayscale supported by the S3000 RapidScan. "The new system's 12-bit native mode, high-speed disk/server transfer rate, larger memory (1GB) and a bigger disk drive, are some of the features that contribute to the performance," according to Deryl Finney, Marketing Director.

The SunRise 3000 RapidScan continues to have the flexible, modular 3-1 design that handles multiple microfilm formats and allows the customers to switch between rollfilm, microfiche or aperture card formats. The new system software architecture is designed for future growth for an easy upgrade path.

SunRise will continue to offer the current S2500 model at a lower cost. In addition, all three modules (Rollfilm, Ultrafiche, and Aperture Card) are interchangeable between the S2500 and the S3000 RapidScan.

SunRise is very serious about the microfilm scanning industry and will continue to announce new innovative designs in the future. For more details on the new SunRise 3000 RapidScan, for more information Email: or call: 1.714.505.1144

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