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March 09, 2016 12:08 ET

Sunscreen 101 - A Lesson for Beginners Presented by Beauty Research

Beauty Research, a Beauty Blogging Web Site, Published an Article Today Discussing Sunscreen

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 9, 2016) -  Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in the United States, and the deadliest form of it, melanoma, claims more than 10,000 lives in the U.S. every year. Studies have found that wearing sunscreen daily can greatly reduce the risk of developing many forms of skin cancer, including melanoma; however, many people don't use sunscreen properly or at all because they're not sure what type to apply or how to utilize it correctly. The latest article by, Sunscreen 101 - A Lesson for Beginners, introduces important concepts about sunscreen and provides tips to help women select the right sun protection and use it correctly.

When shopping for sunscreen, people need to be aware of some important terms that describe the level of protection provided by sunscreen. What is a broad-spectrum sunscreen? How should a person interpret SPF levels? Which SPF level is the best? To find out, visit or click

Even if people choose the right type of protection for their skin, they may not get the full benefits of sunscreen if they do not use it correctly. How much sunscreen should a person apply at once? When should sunscreen be applied? What's the recommended schedule for reapplying sunscreen? To find out, visit or click

Swimming is a popular summertime activity that many people enjoy. Before diving into the pool or jumping into the lake, people need to think about their sun protection. What kind of sunscreen is best for swimming? When should it be applied? How frequently should it be reapplied? To find out, visit or click

When choosing facial sunscreens, people should keep their skin type in mind to ensure that the product they choose is the right fit for them. What should people with sensitive skin look for when choosing sunscreens? Which type of sunscreen is the best for dry skin? How can people with oily complexions select sunscreens that won't leave their skin greasy or clog their pores and worsen skin congestion? To find out, visit or click

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