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Nexamp: Energy and Carbon Solutions

March 23, 2010 11:26 ET

SunSetter Products Harnesses Solar Power to Make Retractable Awnings

Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Energy-Efficient Lighting Installed by Nexamp to Dramatically Reduce SunSetter's Energy Costs

MALDEN, MA--(Marketwire - March 23, 2010) -  SunSetter Products, the largest manufacturer of retractable residential awnings in the US, announced today that it recently completed extensive renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements in its 64,000 square foot facility. The improvements include upgrading to energy-efficient lighting fixtures and the installation of two solar photovoltaic systems on its roof.

Nexamp, Inc., a North Andover, MA-based clean energy company that delivers a broad range of turnkey solutions to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions for businesses, governments, and homeowners, was selected by SunSetter as the advisor and general contractor for this project.

The solar photovoltaic systems, with 616 solar panels installed on the roof, were engineered by Nexamp to last 30-plus years. All of the major components come from Massachusetts-based companies including Evergreen Solar, Solectria Renewables, and PanelClaw. This project was partially funded through the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust.

"We are very excited about this investment in green energy," said Ido Eilam, CEO of SunSetter. "It's like closing a circle: we are using the sun's energy to protect consumers from the sun. We use solar energy in our manufacturing process; consumers use our awnings to protect them from the harmful UV rays and heat of the sun, and we both reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment. It's a win-win proposition."

"The solar photovoltaic system feeds power directly into our building," explained Eilam, "offsetting the amount of power that must otherwise be purchased from the utility, and through a process called net metering, we sell surplus generated energy back to the utility company for others to use."

On an annual basis, SunSetter expects to generate about 138,000 kWh of electricity from the sun, which will reduce the amount of electricity it purchases from the utility by 35-40%. It expects to see a return on its investment in less than five years -- before enjoying 25 years of free power from the sun. Additionally, SunSetter's high-efficiency lighting upgrade is expected to reduce the company's lighting-related electricity costs by approximately 50%, saving $9,300 annually while improving overall lighting levels.

"By taking a comprehensive approach to their energy strategy, SunSetter is making a well-informed investment in its future. Reducing energy costs with clean energy solutions like high-efficiency lighting and solar electricity will help the company keep its product costs low," said Dan Leary, President of Nexamp. "Nexamp is honored to have been chosen by SunSetter to design and implement these extensive clean energy improvements."

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