SupaSwap Corporation

SupaSwap Corporation

June 15, 2010 10:45 ET

SupaSwap Launches New Website

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - June 15, 2010) - SupaSwap has launched its redesigned website. SupaSwap has a highly motivated policy of ongoing site development with regard to its business model and the new functionality built into the SupaSwap websites introduces the opportunity for parents to trade with parents as well as children and teenagers trading with each other. Introducing this new element means that SupaSwap can market its website directly to parents and of course this will produce substantial additional revenues. The site really is the first and only online shopping community for the whole family.

There is a huge market, yet untapped, whereby parents can use SupaSwap to sell those items that accumulate and become redundant as children grow up. The sale of these items will produce additional income for a family and at the same time families with limited budgets will use SupaSwap to buy high-end items such as buggies, prams, cots and general bedroom furniture at affordable prices. Something that is very relevant in today's hard times. Indeed, it was feedback from parents over the past 6 months that initiated the update of the SupaSwap business model and websites.

SupaSwap has been approached by the BBC through Leopard Films in the UK to assist them in recruiting kids and teens to participate in a new reality TV programme to be launched on CBBC (Children's BBC) later in the year. The programme "Trading Your Way To The USA" puts UK children into teams to compete against similar teams from the USA. The aim is the UK team which through trading items achieves the highest level of profit will be selected to go to the USA to compete in the final against the American top team. SupaSwap fully supports all activities that assist the younger generation in learning about good money management while at the same time teaching them entrepreneurial skills.

Since mid 1990's traditional traders followed large computer manufacturers into the new sphere of the web and today you can buy practically anything through the Internet: from a bunch of flowers to a house. The only exception seems to be a trip to Mars. Today the E-Commerce market is huge and still growing.

According to statistical analysis in 2009 the E-Commerce market size in Europe has grown to 207 billion euros. Analysts say that it is very likely to go on increasing and display a very fast rate of annual growth' up to 25%. The situation will be stable for at least five years and the market will reach the point of 323 billion euros by 2011.

Britain, France and Germany prevail in the European E-Commerce market. These countries have the largest share in the total figures transactions' up to 72%. British E-Commerce market ranks first and analysts believe it will reach $205 billion in 2010, which is 39% higher than the figures of 2008. Germany holds the second place. However, it is first in the number of online-customer's there are as many as 5 million.

Some researchers also note that in the next five years the European market might increase significantly due to the E-Commerce growth in the countries like Italy, Holland and Spain. A spokesperson at SupaSwap stated "SupaSwap is perfectly placed to benefit directly from this strong market growth and is right on target to not only achieve its 2010 projected growth levels but exceed them.

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