February 23, 2016 09:00 ET

SuperD Announces the First 3D Livecast System at MWC 2016

A Visual Transformation Is Coming to Live Streaming, Visit Booth 6E11 to See It in Person

SHENZHEN, CHINA--(Marketwired - February 23, 2016) -  Can you imagine chatting with someone online in 3D? Or watching a live football match or live concert in real-time 3D? This is about to be possible with SuperD's new technology -- a mobile 3D Livecast System. The glasses-free 3D live cast system is being demoed at MWC through cooperation between the SuperD, an award winning glasses-free 3D technology provider, and one of the world's largest mobile device manufacturers. This function will be applied through next generation mobile broadband technology to enable 3D data processing and transmission. Live 3D streaming will spread over mobile networks enabling users to watch live high-definition 3D images on tablets, smartphones or any other devices that implement the SuperD real-time 3D module There is no need to wear glasses. As a winner of the Lumiere Award from the Advanced Imaging Society in 2015, the 3D BOX is also expected to link to the 3D livecast network.

SuperD is a leading glasses-free 3D solution provider and has been dedicated to developing the 3D technology ecosystem for more than a decade. The founder, Ge Zhang, was recently quoted in China Daily, saying, "With more high-quality 3D content... as well as the maturity of application technology and improvement in image processing, mobile devices with 3D technology will become a popular personal consumer electronic products." Combining SuperD's 3D technology and mobile network technology, it's possible to connect multiple smart devices for 3D live streaming. SuperD's 3D products utilize eye tracking to enable a wide viewing angle. The technology also supports simultaneous 2D/3D display with "3D Window" functionality, and is optimized for processing speed and efficiency utilizing a 3D imaging IC. Content is sent from connected device, and the camera actually tracks the position of the user's eyes in relation to the device and re-renders the content in real-time to create a great 3D user experience.

SuperD also recently launched its new product -- the 3D Box -- a glasses-free 3D display accessory. In August of 2015, SuperD and DreamWorks Animation also announced a strategic partnership in the 3D industry. SuperD has licensed DreamWorks top 3D movie catalogue and offers many popular titles on-demand via the 3D BOX. Michael Hsu, SuperD's CEO, has publicly announced that the 3D BOX will get 3D film and entertainment recourses from Hollywood to a larger extent... as well as 3D games from developers worldwide... As a winner of a 2015 Lumiere Award from the Advanced Imaging Society, 3D BOX is also expected to link to the 3D livecast network.

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