June 04, 2009 08:00 ET

Superior Edge Upgrades Integrated Configure-Price-Quote® Technology

Firepond CPQ® OnDemand to Replace Out-Dated Application in Hosted Sales Solution

MANKATO, MN--(Marketwire - June 4, 2009) - FPX, LLC announced today that Superior Edge, Inc. (SEI) has selected FPX to provide the core Configure-Price-Quote capabilities for SEI's innovative sales execution system. Superior Edge was founded by Jerry Johnson with the goal of creating a sales execution system focused on the field sales organization. Johnson is quite familiar with FPX because he was the original founder of Clear with Computers, an enterprise configuration solution provider that evolved into what is now FPX, LLC.

SEI at its inception contracted with a less robust product configuration application because SEI did not require a solution containing the features and functionality offered by FPX. However, it wasn't long before it was obvious to Johnson that he needed to upgrade to a superior configuration solution to manage SEI's complex data. Johnson, who now serves as SEI's CEO, said, "Once FPX brought its sophisticated product configuration, quoting and proposal technology to an on-demand architecture it was clear that we should upgrade to the FPX application."

Like Firepond CPQ OnDemand, the Sales Edge Accelerator application is built on the on-demand, multi-tenant hosted architecture. Johnson said, "The integrated SEI applications will be used initially to assist salespeople in agricultural industries for recommending seed, chemicals and services. For example, the application will gather inputs such as soil types, frost dates and rainfall, and use that information to make product recommendations, including offering scenarios to achieve maximum crop yields. Beyond that, we can envision many more possible selling situations for our combined technologies."

"Jerry Johnson is widely recognized as the inventor of interactive selling so it seems fitting that two companies he founded, both focused on helping salespeople succeed, are now able to integrate their technology," Audrey Spangenberg, Chairman and CEO of FPX, said. "This was facilitated by the rapid growth and adoption of Cloud Computing which allows organizations such as FPX and SEI to quickly integrate their offerings to create best-of-breed applications."

"Companies often turn to FPX to solve complex configuration issues due to several advantages. A configuration engine is only as good as the database behind it. FPX's Product Data Manager (PDM), which SEI will also use, is flexible and powerful, yet designed for use by product experts -- not programmers," Spangenberg explained. "Further, the PDM easily supports multi-language and multi-currency applications -- a necessity for most global organizations."

In addition to the configuration engine, FPX also offers a workflow engine to regulate approval processes and a reports/proposal engine that generates professional, branded quotes so that prospects can quickly understand the proposed product and pricing. SEI plans to make use of the reports engine by generating comprehensive reports that even include a summary of past events between the salesperson and customer. Spangenberg said, "With a proven scalable architecture that already supports thousands of users who generate billions of dollars in proposals each month, we believe FPX offers a clear advantage to any company seeking a robust and stable CPQ application."

Spangenberg added, "We are proud to have Superior Edge's endorsement of our technology and strategy and we look forward to seeing the innovative applications that will result. It's inevitable when you merge a great visionary like Jerry Johnson with great technology."

About Superior Edge, Inc.

Superior Edge, Inc. was formed to create a "sales execution system" focused on the field sales organization, particularly independent sales channels. The company's products and customer-specific solutions converge elements of market research, customer profiling, data mining, sales portals, e-learning, training, product configuration, sales proposal, customer segmentation and interactive selling. Additionally, sophisticated analytics are integrated to measure factors such as customer segmentation, process conformance, lead generation, sales call effectiveness and customer feedback. For additional information about Superior Edge, visit or call 507-388-7638.

About FPX, LLC

FPX, a minority owned company, is the leading provider of multi-tenant, on-demand Configure-Price-Quote® applications that automate and simplify product pricing and configuration. FPX solutions provide a rapid ROI through improved order accuracy (100% of submitted orders have accurate specifications and pricing), improved proposal generation time and high user acceptance. For additional information about FPX, visit or call 1-866-UCONFIG (826-6344).

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