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August 26, 2005 05:50 ET

SuperSizeWorld™ Expands Online Store; Adds More Lifestyle Products for Larger People

Internet Store, Focused on Size Acceptance, Adds New Products for People "Living Large" -- Whether Overweight, Obese or Just Larger Than "Normal"

VANCOUVER, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 26, 2005 --™ has added a number of new products to its online store dedicated to making life easier, safer and more comfortable for larger individuals.

"We've added many new individual products plus a medical products department," notes Tim Barry of SuperSizeWorld. "Our customers include large people, professional athletes -- anybody who needs products larger than typically found in stores. We have over 300 specialty products and we keep adding to what we believe is already the largest collection of larger lifestyle products available."

Larger Lifestyle Products But No Clothes

The online store offers many unique, hard-to-find products, some of which are available only at SuperSizeWorld. Major product categories include high capacity scales, travel accessories, housewares, bathroom products, medical products, sports and outdoors products, clothes care, health and wellness products and others. Plus-sized clothes, which are generally available elsewhere, are not offered at this time.

"We locate larger-sized products from all over the world then bring them together in one store," continues Barry. "And in some cases we have products built to our own custom specifications."

Obesity Focus Often Obscures Other Issues

Dealing with issues of large size, overweight and obesity can become emotionally charged -- as the recent doctor-patient controversy in New Hampshire shows.

"Every day we see articles and news stories about the impact of increasing obesity," continues Barry. "Unfortunately, the tendency to equate 'obesity' -- a medical condition -- with overweight and large size tangles up a number of issues -- not all obese people are large; many professional athletes are very large but not obese. We completely support the aspirations of anyone who wants to lose weight but let's face it: diet success rates are dismal. For whatever reason, many larger people are going to be 'living large' for a long time. We see no reason they should be forced to make do with products that are too small or too flimsy simply because of their size."

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