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April 02, 2007 14:34 ET

Superwire, Inc. Restructures Company and Launches New Business Strategy and Sales and Marketing Plan

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 2, 2007 -- Superwire, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SUPI) has filed for and executed a 40:1 reverse stock split. The new symbol is SUPI. As part of the process, Superwire, Inc. has restructured the company and refocused its direction. Among other things, it has executed documentation providing for the acquisition of ExtreamTV LLC ("ETV") from US LEC Corp. and other owners.

Superwire owns a 15-year contract to provide services to Leisure World Seal Beach in California. This contract allows Superwire to serve over 6700 household customers, organized as a Multi-Dwelling Unit. Additionally, with the purchase of ETV Superwire currently provides high speed internet access, video on demand, and other services described below, to more than 11,000 timeshare units, with many more units under contract and scheduled to come online over the course of time. The timeshare industry is in need of major upgrades in the entertainment arena and Superwire is poised to attract major market share.

An overview of the new structure and direction for Superwire is follows:

Interactive Entertainment and Advertising

Superwire will become the premier provider of world-class interactive television and broadband media service solutions, focused on advertising to the hospitality industry, with emphasis on time-share and planned master communities.

Company products available for layered advertising include:

--  High-speed internet access (on the laptop - wired and wireless, as
    well as iTV)
--  On-demand movies
--  On-demand music venues
--  On-demand, specialized content
--  Marketing and advertising services
--  Digital signage
--  Voice lines
--  Basic and premium cable television programming
High-speed Internet access is a leader product that will drive the revenue in all markets and act as the base line product in a phased approach for the advertising platform. Redirected pages and interstitial ads on the internet during and after purchase of the service will guarantee a number of impressions to the adverting community, thus creating significant value, emulating the business model of internet giants like Google and Yahoo. Partnership with advertising agencies will enhance the time-to-market and provide a step function in its success. Superwire, along with the property management and marketing planners, has access to a variety of advertising portals with the system including digital signage in common areas.

Benefits to the Guest

--  Interactive advertising and marketing information
--  Fast, reliable High Speed Internet Access to laptop and TV
--  Interactive Video on Demand, music, and special interest programming
--  TV access to the property amenities and services
--  Local and National e-Commerce portals
Benefits to Properties
--  Creates new revenue streams - advertising and entertainment purchase
--  Enhance existing revenue - room service, restaurants, and personal
--  Enhances the guest's stay thereby creating customer loyalty
--  High-speed customized marketing tools and meeting services
--  Upgrade of industries best technology
Business Strategy

Superwire will expand its customer base by completing the installation of 6,700 homes currently under contract, and expects to capture an additional 38,000 units currently in negotiation. Superwire's approach for 2007 will be to include a 32" LCD TV with each sale that will make the sale more attractive, and increase on-screen product purchases by the nature of improve digital viewing. In 2007 Superwire will increase the current footprint from the mid-Atlantic and Southeast, to southwest and west coast.

Sales and Marketing

The Company's sales organization is focused on developing relationships with multi-property owners and management groups in key clusters in the United States. Superwire is currently under contract with Central Florida Investments (CFI)/Westgate) the third-largest time-share management company in the US.

By positioning itself as an aggregator of bundled services, Superwire enjoys the economies and marketing advantage of providing multiple products and advertising through one efficient network.

Superwire is poised by the combination of experience, partnerships, and a pre-sold customer database to become one of the largest interactive advertising and marketing organizations in the hospitality industry. Superwire's approach brings the best of each discipline together to deliver a first-class, reliable, and profitable in-room entertainment and advertising product. The Company believes that its premier entertainment product, layered with local and national advertising and tailored for the hospitality industry, is a valuable new platform for services to the industry.

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