SOURCE: Northstar Electronics, Inc.

October 12, 2012 08:00 ET

Supplier Selection Announced for Echotec 3D HD Sonar

Component Selection Process Begins for Final Release Model of Echotec's First Sonar Hardware, Release Date TBA; Closing Update

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - Oct 12, 2012) - Northstar Electronics, Inc. (OTCQB: NEIK) today announced that its subsidiary, Echotec Sonar, has begun the Request For Information (RFI) Process as part of vendor selection for production of its sonar system hardware in preparation for the upcoming launch of the 3D High Definition Sonar System.

Requirements for each component have been developed using a model-centric approach. Model-centric design is an approach that puts 3D models at the center of the design. Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools are used to create the model. Once completed, this design model provides manufacturers with electronic design data which directly programs the machines used to "cut the metal," provides Bills Of Materials (BOM's), assembly drawings, structural analysis, and cost analysis, all from the same model database.

"One change to the model automatically updates all the elements for manufacturing, so mistakes are a thing of the past," says Phillip Johnson, CEO of Echotec Sonar, "and each system is manufactured to identical tolerances. This process creates a framework allowing engineers to help maximize their companies' Return On Investment (ROI)."

"Our process ensures the highest quality parts at the best possible prices," says Wilson Russell, CEO of Northstar Electronics. "Echotec is developing what I believe will be an industry leading product, and, with the leadership team we have put in place, our imminent entry into the marketplace should be well received." 

Vendors will be selected for participation following the assessment of their responses to the RFI. 

In addition to the RFI process, Echotec will be documenting their design and will submit the appropriate paperwork for design protection within the marketplace. This may take the form of trademarks and patents, adding to the repertoire already held by Echotec founders. This will enable Echotec protected technology to be licensed to other entities for the manufacture of comprehensive security solutions, which include our sonar products or sonar componentry. This potential revenue channel can grow as our technology is adopted and becomes ubiquitous within the marketplace.

Following the submission of this RFI, the company will issue additional RFI for conditioning electronics and transmitter electronics. The conditioning electronics, which ensure the highest signal quality, are at final stages of design acceptance. The transmitter electronics, which are responsible for sending sonar signals over a distance, are at the prototype stage for testing purposes along with the beam forming software, which is currently in Alpha release and undergoing testing.

The company is still awaiting final approvals required for the Northstar Network Limited (NNL) disposition, and we will announce to the marketplace upon final sign-off. The closing is expected to occur in approximately three weeks time.

About Echotec Sonar:
Echotec Sonar Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northstar Electronics, Inc. The founders have over eighty combined man-years of expertise developing high frequency sonar products within the defense and commercial industries. Echotec Sonar is a world leader in this field through experience, technical acumen, and a team diversity, which understands the needs of many defense and commercial entities.

About Northstar:
Northstar Electronics, Inc., is a holding company with executive management specialized in design engineering, defense, advanced systems, security, sonar, systems integration, and prototyping fields. Northstar is actively pursuing opportunities through acquisition, joint venture, or merger to increase revenues and expand its base of subsidiaries. or via new phone number 604-558-1199.

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