August 06, 2008 12:54 ET Offers Tips to End Tech-Related Homework Headaches as Students Head Back to School

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - August 6, 2008) - These days, hungry dogs and sloppy siblings take a backseat to crashed computers and corrupted files as likely homework excuses. To avoid headaches down the road, getting technology ready for the school year is one prerequisite to add to the Back to School to-do list., a leader in delivering remote services to diagnose, repair and optimize personal computers, is ready to help with its PC Tune and Protect service.

Whether your student lives at home or on campus, PC Tune and Protect will help ensure your computer is ready for the demanding school year. Our expert Solutions Engineers will connect remotely to your PC and fine-tune your settings for optimal performance and install up-to-date virus and sypware protection. Our services can improve performance and enhance security, without having to take your computer in for service or wait for a technician to come to the home. The service is available by visiting or calling 1-800-PC-Support. offers these tips for parents when setting up technology for the new school year.

In the Home:

--  First and foremost, protect your children online.  Set up parental
    control software on your children's computer, always know all their
    passwords, keep the computer in a public place in the home and keep an eye
    on your child's profile on social networking sites.
--  Set up a separate profile for each user.  This will ensure that each
    user has a desktop suitable for their individual needs.
--  Close out each school year by backing up all your kids' files from the
    previous year to a removable storage device.  You'll always have access to
    that second-grade science project, but it won't be taking up precious space
    for next year's projects.  Not sure where to start with backing up?'s expert Solutions Engineers are ready to lend an empathetic
    hand with Data Back-Up service.

On Campus:

--  College students often conduct work on open WiFi networks, so be sure
    the computer has the most up-to-date virus and spyware protection.
--  An extra battery pack is helpful when pulling long hours in multiple
    locations.  Never buy a used battery pack, but save some money by buying a
    non-name-brand battery built to fit the computer.
--  Pre-owned computers are a cost-effective way to send your student off
    to college with a "new" computer.  Look for something with a minimum 1.8
    dual-core processor, 2 GB memory and 120 GB hard drive with built-in WiFi
    to keep pace with the needs of today's college student.  A well-appointed
    computer can also serve as an entertainment center and communication hub.
--  Have a back-up plan in place.  Before writing a single sentence, have
    a plan for saving and backing up files to prevent disastrous data losses. suggests keeping important files at least in duplicate on the
    computer and on a removable storage device like a thumb drive.  Online back-
    up sites can also provide a third line of defense for critical projects.

Don't let an all-night cram session turn into a nightmare. Keep emergency numbers handy, like Mom's cellphone, the 24 hour pizza place and 1-800-PC-Support. In case of a last-minute computer emergency, a expert Solutions Engineer can quickly diagnose and repair computer problems and set your scholar back on the road to academic excellence.

PC Tune and Protect service is available for $89.99 at or by calling 1-800-PC-Support.

About, a leading provider in the growing remote technology services space, wants to fundamentally change the way people fix technology problems. Previously, a computer meltdown meant pleading phone calls to tech-savvy friends and family, a trip to the computer store or a long wait for a technician to arrive and fix it.'s suite of tools mean a qualified technician can diagnose and repair most technology problems quickly over the phone, typically for less than the cost of in-store or in-home service. Additionally,'s services can happen while you watch, so they are ideal for people who are concerned about privacy and security. The company behind is SupportSoft (NASDAQ: SPRT), which provides software and services that make technology work. The Company's solutions reduce technology support costs, improve customer satisfaction and enable new revenue streams for companies reaching 50 million users worldwide.

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