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February 05, 2007 09:17 ET

SurePayroll Announces SureAdvisor™ HR Resource Center

Small Businesses Now Can Address HR Challenges Quickly and Easily -- Guaranteed!

CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 5, 2007 -- Online payroll service SurePayroll today announced the launch of the online payroll industry's first comprehensive program to help small business owners manage their human resource issues, from hiring to termination.

Small business owners are subject to a vast array of costly human resources challenges, but most cannot afford a full-time human resources manager to overcome and reduce their HR risks.

SurePayroll's new HR resource center, SureAdvisor, serves as an external HR advisor, offering instant access to HR recommendations, best practices, forms, compliance posters and much more:

Compliance Protection. SureAdvisor saves small business owners valuable time from having to research ever-changing compliance laws, which can be altered without notification. It also prevents owners from having to pay attorney fees to do that research for them. Failure to comply with such regulations can result in large penalties. When users take advantage of SurePayroll's downloadable state and federal poster service, SurePayroll guarantees they will be protected from costly government fines, covering up to $25,000 in damages, should any occur.

In addition to reducing the risk of being non-compliant, SureAdvisor offers small businesses a wealth of resources that will help them run their businesses more efficiently, including essential business forms, best practice guides, and an alerts and reminders service.

HR Forms. SureAdvisor's business forms library provides a robust package of common HR and general business forms, such as employment applications, I-9s, interview checklists and invoices. All forms are downloadable and can be edited by the customer in the format that best meets their needs. Once a customer has entered payroll information, the forms can also be pre-populated with basic company and employee data to further save small business owners time.

HR Advice & Best Practice Guides. SureAdvisor provides instant access to many how-to guides and HR best practices, including information on recruiting, motivating employees and termination.

HR Alerts. SureAdvisor features an alert and reminder system so small business owners can remain in control of crucial HR events. SureAdvisor offers customers the ability to add their own customer alerts and reminders to meet their unique small business needs, or choose from a list of standard reminders for events like employee birthdays, anniversaries and compliance regulation updates.

SureAdvisor Integrates with Existing Data. SureAdvisor is a convenient, single-source service that's seamlessly integrated with SurePayroll's payroll processing system.

Since SurePayroll was founded in 1999, the company has been dedicated to revolutionizing the payroll processing experience. Small businesses have embraced SurePayroll's online payroll service, making it the leading full-service online payroll service available today, with over 18,000 small businesses customers across the country.

The company keeps a close pulse on small business needs through frequent research interactions with its customer base. SurePayroll developed SureAdvisor in response to strong customer demand and market interest.

"Our market research told us our customers were more than ready for a product like SureAdvisor," said SurePayroll President Michael Alter. "Small business owners' time is limited, and keeping up with changes in federal and state compliance regulations and having to search for other crucial HR information can be frustrating and risky. With SureAdvisor, customers can access necessary HR tools and create a state-customized compliance poster packet and download it with just one click of their mouse."

SureAdvisor is a premium service, offered in addition to SurePayroll's regular payroll processing, and is available to all SurePayroll customers at no charge for 3 months. After the trial period, customers can choose to subscribe at the rate of $6.99 monthly or at a specially discounted rate of $69.99 annually.

"When you consider that competitors charge from $80 to $100 for a single compliance poster, the choice is a no-brainer," said SurePayroll Product Manager Steve Kania. "With SureAdvisor, not only do our customers get all the compliance posters they need for a single low price, but we do all the tracking of changes in government compliance for them and alert them to those changes. When they use the compliance poster service, they get back valuable hours and their risk of non-compliance in that area drops to virtually zero. Plus, they have online access to important business forms and helpful resources right at their fingertips."

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