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January 06, 2016 09:20 ET

Surgical Theater Announces the Launch of Its New Virtual Reality Division in Los Angeles, Led by Alon Zuckerman

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2016) - Surgical Theater, a leader in the field of advanced 3D Virtual Reality Imaging and Surgical Navigation and Guidance software, heightens their strategic advantage in the use of Virtual Reality in the medical imaging and navigation marketplace with the launch of the Surgical Theater medical Virtual Reality Division (mVR). Surgical Theater mVR Division will be led by Alon Zuckerman, a veteran executive in the field of advanced flight simulation and Virtual reality in aviation, who will serve in the role of President, mVR Division. Alon will set the strategic direction and leadership of the Virtual Reality growth for Surgical Theater.

The Surgical Theater mVR technology provides for a groundbreaking experience, allowing surgeons to reconstruct and fuse CT, MRI and other images into 3D Virtual Reality models, utilizing the Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP) to perform a realistic "fly through" of his/her patient-model, to obtain a precise and intuitive situational awareness of the surgery site based on a 360 Virtual Reality model. The 360 3D guidance model is used to determine the surgery strategy, the safest and most efficient pathway to treat complex pathologies such as the removal of cerebral tumors and treat vascular abnormalities.

"The launch of the Surgical Theater medical Virtual Reality Division is a significant milestone in our strategy to make our cutting edge VR technology available to our existing and future customers worldwide. I am excited to lead ST mVR Division and believe that this division will be the world leader in virtual reality imaging systems for surgeons," said Alon Zuckerman.

Surgical Theater's Virtual Reality and Image Guidance extends into the operating room. Coupled with intra-operative navigation systems, Surgical Theater's platforms provide dynamic visualization capabilities in real time, allowing surgeons to perform a real-time "fly-through" of the surgical pathway, establish multiple views, and rotate and interact with the navigation image. Additionally, the software suite allows HIPAA-compliant peer-to-peer consultation in patients' cases.

"I am proud to be able to have completed recent hires of highly ranked executives to lead the mission of Surgical Theater. Alon Zuckerman brings substantial experience in business development, operations and leading development teams of high-tech complex systems. Alon has perfected his skills in the industries of high-tech, aerospace, virtual reality and simulation while leading business strategies, which resulted in significant growth and penetration of new markets," said Moty Avisar, CEO & Co-Founder.

"After the implementation of our 3D VR technology in the operating rooms, our most recent and immediate application implemented is the patient education platform. Surgeons are making an effort to explain the pathology and treatment plan to educate patients and the patients' family. There is no better way to educate the patient than to put on a VR headset and "walk through the patient's anatomy," stepping into the body and touring the treatment plan. The user is immersed in the anatomical structures in which they are surrounded; the user can literally stand between arteries and the brain tissue. Users can tour multiple-fused data sets, walk into the space between the nerves and pathology, grasp the surgeons' plans regarding the approach and the margins to preserve surrounding eloquent functional structures, and so on. Besides patient and surgeons, the immersive VR application is very beneficial for relevant for medical staff, and medical students who can also benefit from the 360 experience provided by our Virtual Reality solution," said Moty Avisar.

Surgical Theater mVR technology uses multiple NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA SLI technology to create the "fly through" experience in viewing the patient's anatomy. This technology is being developed in collaboration with UCLA.

"Our extensive partnership with medical centers and high-tech industrial partners in California, such as NVIDIA and UCLA, has led us to establish the home of the new medical Virtual Reality Division (mVR) technology in Los Angeles. The proximity to our partners will accelerate and deepen the collaboration and will accelerate the adoption of our VR technology to other centers who have started to utilize it, such as NYU, Mount Sinai NYC, Case Medical Center, Carlo Besta Neurological Institute in Milan, and other leading neurosurgery institutions," said Moty Avisar.

"Surgical Theater's Virtual Reality based surgery guidance tools are already revolutionizing the way that neurosurgeons use medical imaging for surgery. My partner and mentor, Cher Wang, CEO of HTC, says that 'Virtual reality will forever transform the way we experience the world around us and will enrich every aspect of our lives.' Surgical Theater is committed to assure that this revolution will not skip the medical arena. As a matter of fact, there are some aspects of VR in which medical devices ought to be on the front end of this revolution," concludes Moty Avisar.

About Surgical Theater, LLC
Surgical Theater is a privately held, leading Virtual Reality and Image Guidance software company for healthcare, and its software applications are providing a comprehensive solution that is transforming the way surgeons consult with patients, plan complex surgical procedures, and use medical imaging to navigate during surgery and post-operative review with their peers.

Surgical Theater's unique and highly innovative products allow "Surgeons and imaging to connect." Surgeons have used Surgical Theater technology in over 1,000 cranial cases nationwide to help patients with tumors and cerebrovascular disorders. Surgical Theater devices are FDA cleared and also obtained CE Mark in September this year. Recently, Surgical Theater has also entered into an agreement with the world's largest medical technology company to provide advanced 3D Virtual Reality based image guidance alongside with a traditional surgery navigation solution.

To date, 3D Virtual Reality, Surgical Guidance and Navigation has been installed in leading research and teaching hospitals across the United States including; University Hospitals Case Medical Center, University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, The Mount Sinai Hospital, Mayo Clinic, NYU Langone Medical Center, and others.

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