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September 08, 2009 13:31 ET

Surrex Project Solutions and Advanced Bionics Partner to Improve Product Lifecycle Management

EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwire - September 8, 2009) - PLM Package Implementation

Management Consulting Delivering New Value

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has the ability to completely transform the product development lifecycle from conception to end of life. Surrex Project Solutions (SPS), a management consulting firm specializing in business solutions, IT project solutions and project management, is leading this paradigm shift with innovative solutions providing world class results that truly reflect value.

Advanced Bionics, a global leader in the development of cochlear implants, partnered with Surrex Project Solutions to implement Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management software suite. The SPS philosophy, that best in class implementations of PLM software provide a holistic approach with a strong focus on project management, management consulting, process reengineering and change management, resonated with Advanced Bionics. Additionally, the delivery model of SPS met Advanced Bionics' needs, and, over the course of this overwhelming success, Advanced Bionics became the latest convert to Surrex Project Solution's innovative business model and delivery capability.

Embarking upon a PLM Journey

"Change control functions used to be about paper pushing," Scott Hebl, Director of Information Systems, explained. As such, Advanced Bionics decided that improving their Engineering Change Order (ECO) process with the enhanced capabilities of a PLM tool would provide terrific benefit to the company. This initiative was taken on to support the existing business and enable increased efficiency for future growth. Advanced Bionics knew what they wanted out of the journey, and realized they would require management consulting help to get there.

Selecting Surrex Project Solutions

In the past, Advanced Bionics used only the software vendor to implement software packages. Scott Hebl stated, "The typical mindset is the software vendor would be the best." However, after assessing numerous vendors, he was drawn to Surrex Project Solution's methodology and delivery capability. In addition to their skilled resources, Hebl remarked, "It was much more a partnership that looked to our specific needs." This was demonstrated through the SPS commitment to client satisfaction, and holistic approach.

Selecting Oracle's Agile Suite

The next piece of the puzzle was to select the enabling technology foundation. "We liked Agile for a couple different reasons," commented Hebl. "The User Interface (UI) was a big reason. We liked the intuitive interface, the work processing, the 3-D views, and the web browser, which is unique to Agile." The distinct qualities of the Agile product provided an efficient and straightforward footprint and implementation pathway. It delivered a single reasonably priced solution without complex configuration with proven effectiveness with other Medical Device companies.

The Right Resources

Surrex Project Solutions understands the right resources ultimately determine a project's success. SPS has a diverse core staff of professionals who specialize in a variety of disciplines, and supplements this core group with top independent professionals in the specific area of need for each project. Using proprietary recruiting techniques, such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) recognized KEEP™ evaluation process to assess a potential Management Consultant & Project Management Professional's, skills, and personality, to determine expertise and client compatibility are brought to bear to drive successful results.

"They found resources that fit the technology, as opposed to other companies that gave us the resources they had on hand." Hebl commented, "It was more resources of the same quality, at a lower cost." Through their methodology, Surrex Project Solutions provided Advanced Bionics resources with specific Agile PLM experience and Medical Device industry expertise as well as a Project Manager with over 20 years of experience in PLM.

Winning delivery methodologies

The team utilized a Joint Application Design (JAD) session framework to rapidly prototype and share application configurations with effected user groups, as well as a series of data quality discovery workshops and process re-engineering workshops. With daily events occurring across data, configuration, process, change management, and training efforts, the team leaned on the SPS project management web-based tool suite, iTeamSite™, to provide the needed visibility and traceability in a collaborative framework to move expeditiously while reducing risk. "When issues were raised, SPS was quick to react." Hebl affirmed, "This was a saving grace at times."

Project go-live

From a functional perspective, the end result enabled a series of critical new capabilities:

--  Real time data visibility across business processes and geographies
--  Electronic review and approval capabilities
--  A platform to share, manage and view product data

The enhanced access and management of product information is helping transform business processes at Advanced Bionics, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness across the entire value chain of product lifecycle management.

Benefits of the streamlined system were realized immediately

Managing complicated processes can rapidly affect productivity and product quality. Advanced Bionics faced this challenge before the implementation. "We were spread between five systems." Hebl explained, "There were manual processes that allowed for typos going into these five systems." Now, they enjoy organized processes consolidated in one system.

Now, Advanced Bionics employees can execute collaborative work across the globe, view and manage live product record information across the product lifecycle. "Before it was virtually impossible to think about how we could accomplish global product development, and 60% of our business is outside of the US," explained Hebl. "Now that we have a system to do the work, there is more time to spend on critical thought."

Best in class results

Overall, the partnership with Surrex Project Solutions for the PLM implementation was a huge success for Advanced Bionics. "The most impressive aspect was the on-time, on-budget delivery," commented Hebl, "They also maintained all of the ECO history, whereas most consultant groups would have just moved in the current ECOs."

Advanced Bionics is now a satisfied Surrex Project Solutions client, equipped with a platform to accelerate and optimize their manufacturing and development processes. Confirming his satisfaction with the project, Hebl concluded, "Picking SPS was absolutely the right thing to do."

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