March 22, 2013 05:45 ET

Survey Finds 28.9% of Honda Owners Are Also Gun Owners

Honda Owners Reveal Personal Preferences Ranging From Gun Ownership to NASCAR to ATVs

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Mar 22, 2013) - According to survey data posted by, nearly 30% of Honda owners are gun owners. In addition to gun ownership, the survey also asked Honda owners about other Honda products they own, their interest in NASCAR, and whether or not their cars made them feel more attractive.

"According to our survey, a good portion of Honda owners are also gun owners," said Jason Lancaster, president of Spork Marketing, which conducted the survey. "Just as interesting, we learned that nearly one-in-five Honda owners believe their vehicle makes them more attractive."

The Honda Owners Survey determined that

  • 28.9% of Honda owners surveyed are gun owners.
  • Fewer than 13% of Honda owners surveyed also own a Honda-brand ATV, motorcycle or lawn mower.
  • Slightly more than 20% of Honda owners surveyed consider themselves NASCAR racing fans.
  • Of the owners surveyed, most believe the word "reliable" best describes their Honda.
  • 22.7% of Honda owners surveyed believe they're more attractive while driving their vehicle.

"Gun ownership aside, I think the most interesting data we gathered is that 22.7% of Honda owners think their car makes them sexier," said Lancaster. "I'm not sure if that means that 23% of Honda owners are a little full of themselves, or if 77% of Honda's vehicles aren't very sexy. Either way, it's funny."

The survey also gathered demographic data relating to gender, age and income. The survey data was collected using Google Surveys, and has a margin of error of 2-8%, depending on the response. To see the full survey, visit

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