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September 18, 2006 14:11 ET

Survey Finds Majority of College-Educated Women Do NOT Aspire to Be CEOs or Manage Others

Hairpin Turns™ Discovers Success Is Defined by Flexibility, Personally Meaningful Work, and Intellectual Challenge

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 18, 2006 -- After years of feeling pressure to pursue the glass ceiling and break through it, a recent survey reveals that most women between the ages of 25-54 have no intention of doing either. Hairpin Turns, a San Francisco-based leadership organization that helps professional women map their careers and successfully navigate the uncertainties of change, discovered that most women's definition of success is much more personal.

In partnership with Zoomerang™, the pioneer in online surveys, Hairpin Turns conducted a survey among college-educated women in eight major metropolitan areas regarding the key factors that determined their professional and personal satisfaction. According to the results, the majority of the 706 respondents said they are not aiming for the CEO ranks, executive management or to start their own businesses. They put much higher premiums on jobs that provide them with flexibility, intellectual challenge and personally meaningful work over title, status or salary.

The survey also revealed that:

--  "Rising up the career ladder" and "being developed for their next
    level of leadership" ranked dead last for every age group except 25-29 year
--  Only 19% of women rated "having direct responsibility for managing,
    but not at the executive level" as important or very important
--  Only 14% rated "owning my own business" as important or very important
--  In rating the reasons for career satisfaction "being in the right
    career," "flexibility," and "doing work that is personally meaningful"
    occupied the top spots for all age groups
--  "Making a six-figure income" ranked no higher than ninth of 10 factors
    in career satisfaction
--  Currently 60 percent say they are NOT in careers that provide them
    with flexibility, personal meaning, challenging work or passion about what
    they do
--  Surprisingly, only one in ten women has a plan to help herself achieve
    that satisfaction

"If the most common denominator is that women want to do meaningful work, the second most common denominator is that very few have a plan to get closer to doing it," said Denise Brouillette, creator and founder of Hairpin Turns. "Rather than staying in an unsatisfying job, women need to develop a plan to get them closer to success -- whether that means negotiating for what they need within their current jobs, or striking out to do something else. Having a plan is the best predictor of success."

In two decades of leadership consulting, Brouillette has worked with many capable female executives who could have easily earned higher management positions, but who left their companies out of frustration because their working environment was too rigid. "When companies lose talented female employees, everyone loses," she said. "As long as female employees produce the results companies expect, why not give them a flexible and stimulating environment to work in. You may be surprised at how much they'll accomplish for the company in return."

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