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March 09, 2010 12:33 ET

Survey Results Reveal Americans Believe Government Bans Will Have Little Impact on the Number of Cell Phone Users on the Roadways

60% of Survey Respondents Believe Technology Solutions to Be the Only Effective Method for Controlling Drivers' Cell Phone Use According to obdEdge

BATON ROUGE, LA--(Marketwire - March 9, 2010) -   obdEdge, a leading supplier of driving while distracted solutions and makers of cellcontrol, announced today a new study that reveals the public doubts that government bans on using cell phones while driving will be effective. From a pool of 100 respondents, only two percent felt government bans will effectively curb texting while driving accidents, 60 percent felt technology solutions would do a better job, 27 percent felt a combination of technology and law enforcement would be the best combination and 12 percent felt neither option would actually stop this national epidemic. The study was conducted by obdEdge during the week of March 1, 2010 to learn about views on driving while distracted.

Variations of driving while distracted bans have now been put into place in nineteen states. While these bans are increasing the awareness of the dangers on the road, more than 70 percent of those surveyed do not feel law enforcement has the necessary tools to enforce and ticket drivers who break these laws, especially the texting while driving law. Also, the majority (89 percent) feel the government will not be able to efficiently enforce this law. Solutions like cellcontrol, is a full-proof solution to ensure drivers who own a cell phone abide by new driving while distracted laws. This technology solution prevents drivers from sending outgoing text messages and emails as well as making phone calls to help keep drivers safe on the road and curb the habit of driving while using a cell phone. The solution works by plugging a device into a car's on-board computer and uses a downloadable application and Bluetooth technology to pair to your phone.

"If people could control their urges to feel connected with their friends, family, co-workers, etc. through their cell phones, then our country would not be having to spend so much energy on the awareness and passing of laws to encourage people not to drive while under the distraction of their cell phone," said Leigh Gilly, Director of Business Development of obdEdge. "The fact is people have a hard time beating this urge on their own, and that is why obdEdge is aimed at making individuals and corporations aware of technology solutions to help them reduce cell phone use while driving."

Additional survey questions/results include:

Are you aware of the cost of a Distracted Driving ticket in your area?
Yes: 11.5%
No: 88.5%

Will receiving a ticket for Texting While Driving cause you to stop Texting While Driving?
Yes: 51.9%
No: 48.1%

Have you taken any personal measures to stop Distracted Driving in your family or company since new laws have been put in place?
Yes: 48.1%
No: 51.9%

Does your employer have a written policy in place that addresses Distracted Driving?
Yes: 13.5%
No: 86.5%

Have you or someone you known been in an accident that was caused by distraction from a Cell Phone?
Yes: 32.7%
No: 67.3%

Would you support the use of intersection cameras to catch and ticket drivers who are Texting While Driving?
Yes: 34.6%
No: 65.4%

If driving cross country, do you know which states have driving while distracted bans in place (i.e. hand-held mobile phone, texting)?
Yes: 3.8%
No: 96.2%

About cellcontrol:
Cellcontrol, a product of obdEdge, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the most accurate, secure and dependable solution for distracted driving caused by cellular phones and other mobile devices as well as idle time customizable data recording. Cellcontrol uses the automobile's On Board Diagnostic computer and phone/device software to put a stop to texting, e-mail, Web browsing and phone use while operating a vehicle and to record idle time for one vehicle or a fleet. For more information on cellcontrol, go to

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