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November 30, 2011 10:28 ET

Survey Shows More Women Than Men Are Losing Sleep to Get It All Done This Holiday Season

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 30, 2011) - As the song goes, "He knows when you're awake," and plenty of women expect to be sacrificing shuteye this holiday season, according to a new survey from Sleepy's, the mattress professionals. The survey reveals that more than half (55 percent) of all women queried expect to spend between one and four hours a night performing holiday-related tasks in December. Fifty-six percent said they take time "late at night, after midnight," or "early in the morning before anyone else wakes" to complete a variety of seasonal chores. The to-do list includes tasks like making or wrapping gifts (46 percent), baking, cooking or cleaning (94 percent), and of course online shopping (37 percent). With many women already suffering a serious sleep deficit, the holiday period only adds to the challenges of getting a good night's sleep.

Men will forfeit zzz's during the next month as well, yet they will devote less time to traditional holiday-related tasks. For example, men who anticipate doing something else during holiday season when they should be sleeping said "browsing the internet" (65 percent) and online shopping (43 percent) ranked highest. Perhaps surprisingly, 34 percent of those queried will spend some late night hours cleaning and housekeeping. Yet, one in four, or less, say they'll be busy with the following: making or wrapping gifts; baking or cooking; or writing cards.

It should be noted that 28 percent of women will be "making a list and checking it twice" compared to 17 percent of men.

"Women may be better multi-taskers, but their sleep suffers for it," says Dr. Michael Breus, the "Sleep Doctor." Dr. Breus recommends the following tips for keeping up your sleep stamina during the very demanding holiday time period:

1) Watch out for the Egg Nog Nightcap. If you are drinking alcohol/egg nog (at a holiday party) remember that while it may make you fall asleep quickly, it prevents you from reaching deep sleep. Drink one glass of water for every glass of holiday cheer. Not only will it slow down your drinking but it will prevent you from getting dehydrated which is why you get a hangover!

2) Wean the Holiday Bean. While there are some great holiday coffees to try, drink higher caffeinated beverages in the morning and move to lower ones in the mid afternoon. Try to move to water by 2-3 pm. While many of my patients tell me "I can drink an espresso and go to bed," they may be correct but the sleep they are getting is more jittery than they are!

3) The Double Whammy. If you are going out with friends and to a holiday party (see tip #1) try to get to bed on time! Most people stay out late and they drink too much -- no wonder they feel horrible in the morning.

4) Cardio not Cappuccino. Exercise (specifically 20-30 minutes of aerobic) is one of the single best ways to improve the quality of your sleep. Research shows that those who have a regular exercise program get deeper sleep.

5) Rudolph's Bright Nose. Light is the single biggest factor telling your body that it is morning; in the evenings use a book light for reading, change bulb wattage to 45 at the bedside table, and use a night light in the bathroom to get you there and back to sleep. Remember to turn off your tree lights at night!

6) Bothersome bed partners. Kids, pets and snoring bedmates can all disrupt sleep; if you have any or all, make a new set of rules: silence is golden. Consider earplugs (Noise Level Rated at 32 or below so you can still hear the fire alarm) or a sound machine. Both can be a great gift.

7) Mattress Matters. Your mattress could be keeping you from sleeping well this holiday season. If you think it may be the bed, consider a mattress under the tree, for yourself!

8) Staying up late for those holiday specials. Many of my patients sheepishly tell me that they sleep with the TV on, watching all the great holiday specials from their childhood! While I too love Frosty, be sure to put on a TV timer so it does not keep anyone up the rest of the night.

9) Time Zone Terror. When traveling across time zones, it may affect your sleep. Give your body a full day for each time zone to recover. If you have guests coming from another time zone, their sleep schedule may affect yours!

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