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November 19, 2007 10:00 ET

Survival Guide to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Free Interactive Tools and Tips Keep You From Adding on Those Extra Pounds

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - November 19, 2007) - Just in time for the holidays,, the website of emotional eating expert Dr. Roger Gould, has launched a free interactive "Holiday Survival Guide" designed to keep you from putting on extra pounds during the coming holiday season.

Happy holidays? Not always. Although the season should be a time of celebration, it often becomes a time of stress, overeating, and binges. Your mother-in-law criticizes your cooking. Your brother's wife talks down to you. Your parents keep asking when you're having kids, when you're getting married, why you don't come home more often, and on, and on...

Hectic schedules, tight pocketbooks, and family dynamics all contribute to the stress and desire to overeat, leading to unwanted weight gain by the time the new year rolls around. Dr. Gould's "Holiday Survival Guide," however, aims to turn holiday stress into holiday cheer.

Focusing on the underlying, psychological causes of holiday weight gain, Dr. Gould's "Holiday Survival Guide" offers free online tips and interactive tools, such as "7 Ways Your Family Makes You Fat" and "Take Charge," that provide personalized solutions to minimize holiday tension and the often-accompanying weight gain. Customized for each individual, the tools pinpoint potential issues and challenges triggered by holiday related stress and provide users with personalized reports containing insights and tips that they can use to approach the holidays in a new, more empowering way.

According to Dr. Gould, a pioneer in the delivery of online therapy and author of the bestselling book "Shrink Yourself," holiday related stress is a key trigger of overeating, with family gatherings being one of the likely times that people get pushed over the edge. Most overeating and bingeing can be avoided, along with the unwanted weight gain, by using the "Holiday Survival Guide" tools to prepare for these challenging situations ahead of time.

In addition to family dynamics, a core component leading to holiday stress and weight gain is emotional eating, using food to deal with feelings to provide a form of relief or reward. Dr. Gould has studied stress, including emotional eating, for over 25 years and has helped tens of thousands of people via his innovative online programs, books, and clinical work. He applies these same successful techniques in the "Holiday Survival Guide," addressing the critical link between emotional issues and overeating to help people avoid holiday weight gain. Dr. Gould wants to help you shrink yourself.

The "Holiday Survival Guide" can be found at, along with additional information on emotional eating.

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