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October 22, 2009 09:42 ET

Waste-to-Energy Technology Reaches Major Milestone: SDTC Celebrates Completion of Plasco Project

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 22, 2009) - A technology that converts municipal solid waste into electricity moved toward commercialization today. Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) announced that the Plasma Gasification for Municipal Solid Waste project led by Plasco Energy Group Inc. (Plasco) has reached completion.

"Our Government is delivering results by investing in projects that generate and increase the supply of clean energy, while creating high-quality jobs for Canadians," said the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Natural Resources. "Plasco Energy is an excellent example of companies that promotes sustainable energy for Ontario's future, while fostering a healthy, cleaner and more prosperous Canada."

"The Plasco Project demonstrated that the plasma gasification process is a viable choice for the treatment of municipal solid waste. SDTC is proud to have helped Plasco move its promising technology to commercialization," said SDTC President and CEO Vicky J. Sharpe. "Funding during the critical development and demonstration phases helps to de-risk clean technologies like Plasco's so they can attract downstream investors and ultimately get to the market, where Canadians can enjoy their environmental and economic benefits."

SDTC contributed $9.5 million to the four-year project to support the development and demonstration of Plasco's technology. The project demonstrated a Plasma Gasification process that converts 75 tonnes a day of municipal solid waste into synthetic gas, inert solid material and heat. The gas is utilized in a power plant to produce electricity for sale into the electricity grid.

"The Plasco Conversion System demonstrated in Ottawa is the result of more than 25 years of focused research and development by Resorption Canada Limited and RCL Plasma Inc., the predecessor companies from which Plasco was formed in April 2005. Support from experts of Canada's National Research Council and from Hera Holdings S.A, a respected Spanish waste management firm, also played an important role in bringing the technology to the stage where a commercial-scale Plasco Conversion facility could be successfully established," said Rod Bryden, President and CEO of Plasco.

"SDTC's commitment mid-2005 was the catalyst for more than $120 million of equity capital from private investors. The due diligence done by SDTC and its financial contribution were important factors in the decisions of investors to support this technology. I believe that the result will be a great benefit to Canada and excellent returns for the investors who followed the lead of SDTC," he said.

Plasco plans to build on what was achieved during the course of the SDTC-funded project as it continues to move its technology closer to commercialization. To date, the City of Ottawa has signed a letter of intent to bring a 400 tonne per day Plasco facility to the community and the Central Waste Management Commission in Red Deer, Alberta has signed a contract for a 200 tonne per day Plasco facility. Several other municipalities in Canada and around the world have shown interest in Plasco's technology.

About SDTC

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is an arm's-length foundation created by the Government of Canada which has received $1.05 billion as part of the Government's commitment to create a healthy environment and a high quality of life for all Canadians.

SDTC operates two funds aimed at the development and demonstration of innovative technological solutions. The $550 million SD Tech Fund™ supports projects that address climate change, air quality, clean water, and clean soil. The $500 million NextGen Biofuels Fund™ supports the establishment of first-of-kind large demonstration-scale facilities for the production of next-generation renewable fuels.

SDTC operates as a not-for-profit corporation and has been working with the public and private sector including industry, academia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the financial community and all levels of government to achieve this mandate.

About Plasco Energy Group

Plasco Energy Group is a waste conversion and energy generation company committed to providing a zero risk, zero cost solution to municipal waste management issues. With over thirty years of research, development, and experience with plasma technologies, Plasco holds proprietary, world-leading technology to convert waste into green power and other valuable products.

Plasco is the green alternative to municipal waste management, providing a socially acceptable and environmentally superior solution. With an operating commercial scale demonstration plant in Ottawa, Ontario, our technology is proven, innovative, and market ready.

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