June 11, 2008 03:05 ET

Sustainable Interior Design the Focus of LA Design Conference

FLOR Carpet Tiles Meet the Need for High End Designer Products That Also Create a Safe Home, Safe Air, and a Safe Planet

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - June 11, 2008) - Most architects and designers are invariably focused on creating beauty and practicality -- no matter their style. But there's a new challenge in the industry that the best and the brightest are striving to meet: Sustainability. Some are creating government buildings, factories, and corporate headquarters but, for most of us, sustainability means recycling, reducing household chemicals, and green interior design and décor. FLOR has partnered with designers to provide carpet tiles that give homeowners the best of both worlds.

Dwell on Design, the annual conference on design trends held this year in Los Angeles June 5 - 8, featured many opportunities for homeowners to save money and energy while eliminating the chemicals currently turning their homes into toxic waste-dumps and filling our land with materials that will stay there forever, and forever pollute the environment. One of the exhibitors, Tottini of Seattle, featured the Alexander Girard La Fonda del Sol carpet tiles from FLOR.

What are homeowners' options for green and sustainable interior design products?

Many companies now offer furniture constructed of reclaimed or recycled wood: When houses, barns, and sheds are deconstructed or abandoned, when trees are felled by storms or to make way for a new freeway, the wood, instead of turning into landfill, is reused. New wood is obtained from providers certified as meeting the requirements for sustainable farming and harvesting. Many interior design professionals now insist on products created from these materials.

Beds made with latex, cotton and wool -- instead of synthetic materials that off-gas for months or years are now widely available and are a favorite of socially-conscious interior design professionals.

Linens for the bed and bath made from organically grown cotton eliminate off-gassing synthetics and the myriad of chemicals used in growing, harvesting and manufacturing processes.

Low VOC carpet tiles are fashionable and enable DiY'ers to create custom carpets in a wide range of colors and textures that complement any room and interior design style. Some companies, such as FLOR, also embrace sustainable practices in other aspects of their business -- FLOR even pays for your old carpet tiles to be returned and recycled into new product.

Homeowners today have every opportunity to live green. Sustainable interior design and home décor products generally produce fewer harmful chemicals which means a healthier home for those who live in it. And it might just make this planet last a little longer. Check online to find products that suit your interior design plans and, for flooring, check out FLOR carpet tiles.

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