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SustainX, Inc.

September 11, 2013 09:00 ET

SustainX Begins Startup of World's First Grid-Scale Isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage System

Multi-Year Development Culminates in Grid Connection and Startup of Breakthrough Bulk Energy Storage Technology

SEABROOK, NH--(Marketwired - Sep 11, 2013) - SustainX, Inc., a leader in utility-grade bulk energy storage technology, has completed construction and begun startup of the world's first megawatt-scale isothermal compressed air energy storage (ICAES™) system. SustainX's ICAES system, which represents years of development and many patented innovations, stores and returns megawatts of electricity to provide long-term grid stability and support integration of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

The 1.5-megawatt ICAES system is located at SustainX headquarters in Seabrook, New Hampshire. It takes electricity from the grid and uses it to drive a motor that compresses air and stores it isothermally, or at near-constant temperature. To do so it captures the heat produced during compression, traps it in water, and stores the warmed air-water mixture in pipes. When electricity is needed back on the grid, the process reverses and the air expands, driving a generator. No fossil fuel is needed to reheat the air and no emissions are produced, making ICAES a safe and sustainable energy storage solution.

"Our isothermal CAES technology is a dramatic improvement over other bulk energy storage methods because it uses no fuel, produces no emissions, is power- and energy scalable, and can be sited virtually anywhere," said Tom Zarrella, SustainX president and CEO. "Thanks to numerous innovations on core system elements, SustainX has developed, proven, patented and now built the key enabling technologies for isothermal CAES. We believe this places our company at the forefront of large-scale energy storage system development and commercialization."

The system can be scaled in both power (megawatts) and energy (megawatt-hours) depending on the application, and can be located where needed thanks to its use of standard pipeline storage and clean, emission-free operation. Because it's based on proven mechanical principles and mature industrial components, the system has a 20-year operating life with a very low levelized cost of energy, enabling cost-effective, large-scale storage of electricity. Unlike chemical battery systems, ICAES performance does not degrade over its lifetime or need frequent replacement. No hazardous materials are used.

SustainX ICAES technology is a significant improvement over conventional compressed air energy storage (CAES) systems, which have existed since the 1970s. CAES systems burn fossil fuel and are greatly limited by the need for specific geological locations (i.e. caverns) for air storage -- as well as substantial investments in time and money. Because of these limitations, there are only two such installations worldwide. SustainX's ICAES is the first megawatt-scale compressed air energy storage system built anywhere since 1991, and represents an opportunity to expand the availability and use of this bulk energy storage method.

A white paper entitled "ICAES Innovation: Foam-based Heat Exchange," with detailed information about a key system invention can be found at:

About SustainX
SustainX's isothermal compressed air energy storage (ICAES™) technology, now in grid-connected operation, is a site-anywhere, zero-emissions solution that enables power- and energy-scalable compressed air storage without the need for caverns or natural gas combustion. SustainX achieves isothermal cycling by combining patented innovations with a design centered on proven industrial principles and mature core components; i.e., a mechanical drive train based on an electric machine and crankshaft. The system is designed to have a 20-year operating life with a disruptively low levelized cost of energy (LCOE) compared to competing storage technologies. It addresses the emerging markets for grid-scale energy storage, which are being driven by the rapid growth in renewable power generation, the savings in avoiding transmission and distribution (T&D) build-outs, and the need to make conventional power plants as efficient as possible.

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