September 29, 2005 10:15 ET

Swanni Names Teri Hatcher as the 'Worst Looking' Celebrity in HDTV

For the Second Straight Year, the High-Definition TV Guru Reveals Which Stars Look Better or Worse in Crystal-Clear High-Def. Jessica Alba Is Named the Best-Looking Celebrity in HDTV

WASHINGTON, DC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 29, 2005 -- The High-Definition TV picture is so clear that aging signs and skin imperfections are dramatically visible, no matter how much make-up is applied. Phillip Swann, a.k.a, 'Swanni,' the president of, generated international media attention for his 2004 list of the 10 celebrities who look better -- and worse -- in high-def. His selections have been featured in hundreds of publications such as The New York Times Magazine, The New York Post and on CNN and Fox News.

Now, Swanni has named his 2005 'Best and Worst' in HDTV.

Who's number one on the 'Worst' list?

Desperate Housewives' Teri Hatcher!

Swanni says: "In high-def, the 'Desperate Housewives' star looks really desperate. Hatcher's forehead is covered with bulging veins, making it look like a page from a AAA Road Map. And Hatcher is so skinny that she makes Calista Flockhart look like Queen Latifah."

Swanni names Demi Moore as the second worst-looking celeb in high-def.

"She has those tell-tale wrinkles around her lips, suggesting she's a chain-smoker. Moore used to be in the Brat Pack, but her face looks like it's been buried in a cigarette pack," Swanni says.

Completing the 10 'HDTV Horribles' list are: 3. Donald Trump; 4. Heather Locklear; 5. David Letterman; 6. President George W. Bush; 7. Ray Liotta; 8. Sandra Bullock; 9. Former President Bill Clinton; 10. Clint Eastwood.

Swanni says that in high-def, Trump's face "looks more puffed up than one of his hotel's quarterly reports."

Swanni selected "Sin City's" Jessica Alba as the best-looking celebrity in HDTV with "Desperate's" Eva Longoria number two. Rounded out the 'HDTV Honeys' list are: 3. Anna Kournikova; 4. Ben Affleck; 5. Ashton Kutcher; 6. Marcia Cross; 7. Halle Berry; 8. Jessica Simpson; 9. Nicole Kidman; 10. Angelina Jolie.

"It's appropriate that Ms. Alba starred in 'Sin City' because she looks so good in high-def that it should be a sin," Swanni says.

To see the entire Swanni 'Best & Worst' HDTV list, go to:

"High-Definition TVs are now in more than 10 million homes, and sales are growing fast," Swanni says. "HDTV will soon change our view of who's beautiful and who's not. The picture is up to six times clearer than regular TV; it's like seeing these people in real-life. And some of them don't look very good."

Phillip Swann, aka Swanni, is president of, a web site that tracks the TV technology industry, including HDTV. Swanni has been quoted on TV-related topics in scores of publications and dozens of TV and radio shows. He also is a frequent speaker at TV industry conferences and events. To reach Swanni, call 1-703-505-3064 or e-mail:

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