April 29, 2009 06:00 ET Helps Consumers Cut Their Budgets During the Current Economic Downturn

ST. MARYS, ON--(Marketwire - April 29, 2009) - The Labour Force Survey reported a decline in employment by 61,000 positions bringing unemployment to 7.7% at the end of March. In order to better deal with smaller budgets for many consumers, is helping individuals rid themselves of their car payments, which can represent up to 15% of their budgets. This cut will help many consumers survive this economic downturn without going into debt and damaging credit.

One increasingly popular adjustment to consumers' budgets is to use public transportation to replace a high car and insurance payment each month. Other consumers are selling higher end vehicles in exchange for a low cost vehicle to help alleviate the financial squeeze. Another growing trend is a lease transfer; offers the opportunity to pick up leases with low monthly payments in addition to the opportunity for those with high lease payments to exit their lease early.

How does help consumers drop their car payment?

Swapalease has already helped thousands of consumers drop their car leases without penalty, freeing up much needed cash flow., part of the world's largest lease take-over marketplace, is offering all Canadians a free advertisement on their site. Once their vehicle is listed on consumers wait for interested buyers to contact them about purchasing their lease. In addition to being extremely cost effective, the lease take-over process is fairly easy and typically takes place at the originating dealership. has a fully staffed customer support team to guide consumers through the entire process.

To take advantage of's free advertisement visit and fill out the form on this page. This will create an absolutely free listing with no strings attached.

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