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March 14, 2005 13:10 ET

Sweden's Seven Wireless Test Bed Projects Can Save Time and Money for U.S. Companies

Projects Provide Fast, Effective and Affordable Results and Market Feedback

NEW ORLEANS, LA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 14, 2005 -- CTIA Wireless 2005, Booth # 6849 -- Sweden has a national network of seven specialized Wireless/Mobile Test Bed Projects operated by independent corporations that are available to U.S. and international corporations. Companies can utilize Sweden's advanced wireless infrastructure to develop, test, and refine their new products, technologies, and business models on a small scale before fully launching to the U.S., European and worldwide markets. Over ten thousand test bed beta users give market and product feedback for 3G products and services, streaming media, multi-media, video, mobile entertainment, and enterprise applications. Companies interested in R&D opportunities or testing their mobile products and services in Sweden can stop by the Invest in Sweden Agency booth #6849 at CTIA to get more information.

Sweden has the highest coverage of 3G network services in Europe at 85%. Plus, it has over 100% mobile phone penetration with its population of 9 million inhabitants.

"Virtually all of the major wireless telecom players and hundreds of smaller companies are utilizing Sweden to develop and test their latest technologies and future generation products. Companies can potentially save up to one year of development and testing time in Sweden," stated Göran Eriksson, Director, Los Angeles Branch Office - Invest in Sweden Agency. "Additionally, Sweden has made itself one of the most affordable and easiest European countries to start and run a business by enacting numerous pro-business tax laws, policies, and regulations."

About Sweden's National Test Bed Network

Swedish Test Bed Network is a network of regional test bed projects in Sweden. The goal is to attract international attention, investments, and new companies and researchers to the different regions by facilitating knowledge transfer, comparative tests and benchmarking.

--  Test Bed Botnia
--  Homecom Test Bed
--  Acreo Test Bed
--  AmiGo Test Bed
--  Test Bed Gavleborg-Hudiksvall
--  Digital Network Umea
--  Test Bed Stockholm
Focus Areas of Testing Specialty
--  Digital TV nets/IPV6 network
--  Home Services
--  Social Services
--  Health Care
--  Ambient Intelligence
--  Context Aware Network Assisted P2P Applications
--  Distance Remote Control of Electricity/Heat
--  Distance Learning
--  Adventure
--  Telemedicine
--  24-hour e-government
Sweden's Wireless & Pro-Business Advantages
--  Sweden's "Wireless Valley" is home to the world's wireless technology
    leaders -- The primary companies involved in the development and research
    of wireless technologies all have offices and research centers located in
    Sweden, including: Compaq, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel,
    Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sun Microsystems and TeliaSonera.
--  Low Operational Costs -- Sweden's cost of electric power,
    telecommunication, and office space are among the lowest in the world for
    industrial nations. The twenty-eight percent business tax rate is one of
    the lowest in Europe -- significantly lower than the U.S. corporate tax.
    Salaries for advanced technical engineers are fairly low.
--  Easy to Open Offices -- The OECD 2003 survey said it is easier to
    start new enterprises in Sweden compared to the euro-zone as a whole, with
    lower bureaucracy and quicker processing times.
--  Early Adopters/Fast Market Penetration -- On average, "time-to-
    takeoff" for new products takes about half the time in Scandinavian
    countries (4 years) as in Mediterranean countries (7.4 years). 2003
    Informs, Marketing Science.
--  Highly Educated Workforce -- Swedes have a higher proportion of
    secondary school graduates than neighboring Nordic countries and are also 5-
    10 times more likely to be multi-lingual. Nearly all call center managers
    receive university training in logistics.
--  Centralized Location -- a central location in the heart of Scandinavia
    and the Baltic Sea region offers companies the ability to easily reach all
    major urban areas within two hours as well as the new EU states --
    considered to be the next growth frontier in Europe.
About Invest in Sweden Agency

Invest in Sweden Agency, headquartered in Stockholm, was established by the Swedish government to help attract and facilitate foreign direct investment in Sweden -- Europe's leading IT cluster and a world leader in wireless and mobile Internet. Sweden provides a strong industrial base, sophisticated multinational customers, active utilization of information technology in both the public and private sectors, an advanced infrastructure, and a highly skilled workforce.

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