SOURCE: SwedishVegas Inc.

May 19, 2008 10:51 ET

SwedishVegas™ Web Site and Restaurants to Offer Travel Specials to Las Vegas and Stockholm

Free SwedishVegas VIP Card Offers Discounts at Both Destinations

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - SwedishVegas Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SWDV), an upcoming global interactive web site and themed restaurant chain, will offer the public special travel offers to Las Vegas and Stockholm.

"Our web site visitors from around the world, and the customers who visit the initial SwedishVegas restaurant locations, will be given exclusive special travel offers so they can visit Las Vegas and Stockholm. They will be given a SwedishVegas VIP Card that will provide discounts and access to many things to do at both destinations," said Van Holster, Acting President of SwedishVegas Inc.

"The SwedishVegas VIP Card will also be available free online once our new web site launches," Mr. Holster added. A sneak preview of the new web site can be seen at

SwedishVegas also announced today that is has received hundreds of inquiries from women around the world to become a SwedishVegas Girl. The Company recently released the following guidelines regarding SwedishVegas girls.

1. Who is a SwedishVegas Girl™?

The SwedishVegas Girl™ is the embodiment of beauty, sensuality, brashness, boldness, independence, and a magical interpretation of Swedish style, sophistication and sexiness combined with Vegas glamour, a sense of risk, and a hidden personal side of excitement and daring.

2. What does a SwedishVegas Girl™ do?

A SwedishVegas Girl™ breaks down barriers wherever she goes, and she goes anywhere and does whatever she sets her sights on, from entertaining to managing, from personal fun and adventure to business ideas and leadership, and she lives by the SwedishVegas™ motto, It All Happens™.

3. Where can SwedishVegas Girls™ be found?

At the exclusive premiere of a movie or a club, in the company of Presidents and Kings, in the VIP section of concerts and events, on the pages of glamour magazines, in local and global charitable events and drives, behind the wheel of the most exotic cars, on location in the most alluring locations.

4. How do you approach a SwedishVegas Girl™?

With respect and admiration, because a SwedishVegas Girl™ is fun and down-to-earth but she is very special and requires the kind of preferential treatment that she is accustomed to.

5. What do SwedishVegas Girls™ like?

Boys with ideas, men with ambition, women who are achievers, and a chance to shine in their own spotlight so they can make It All Happen™.

6. What charities do SwedishVegas Girls™ support?

SwedishVegas Girls™ must choose one favorite charity and they can be involved in many. SwedishVegas™ dining/drinking/entertainment locations, post a running total of money raised for local and national charities, and SwedishVegas Girls™ are in charge of setting the goals and celebrating the results for these causes.

7. Where do SwedishVegas Girls™ gather?

At clubs, at charity events, at fashion photo shoots, at gala premieres, at SwedishVegas™ web events, and, of course, at any SwedishVegas™ location.

8. How can I meet a SwedishVegas Girl™?

When a SwedishVegas™ dining/drinking/entertainment location opens near you, you should come down all the time to meet the SwedishVegas Girls™. Soon you will also be able to meet SwedishVegas Girls™ on this web site.

9. How do I become a SwedishVegas Girl™?

Just send an email to To sneak preview the look of the next SwedishVegas web site go to


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