October 07, 2009 15:38 ET

Sweet Chariot Rocks Christian Music With Debut Album

With Soulful First Album, Sweet Chariot Charms Music Lovers With an Edgy Mix of Rock, Blues and Worship-Driven Lyrics

LONG BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - October 7, 2009) - The sound of Christian Rock may never be the same after the premiere, self-titled album from the newly formed California band Sweet Chariot. The group brings together six experienced Christian musicians, each of whom brings a moving and passionate faith to the group's sound. Sweet Chariot redefines the increasingly popular Christian Rock genre for the current generation, in much the same way Daughtry has for the mainstream rock audience, by drawing on elements of multiple music styles to create a new, more relevant sound. To celebrate the release of its first album this month, Sweet Chariot will be performing at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana on October 9th.

Sweet Chariot band members all bring their valuable life experiences to the group, making their heartfelt, worshipful songs appealing to a diverse audience. The band's ability to engage and interact with the crowd on an emotional and spiritual level will cement their position as a powerful new voice in the Christian Rock world.

Lead singer Jacki Taylor grew up under the watchful eye of her Grandfather, David E. Schoch, the founder of Bethany Chapel in Long Beach. Jacki originally brought the band members together to write and produce a solo project. Once the original project was complete, the participants were no longer just five musicians; they had become band members.

Jacki's faith has been strong since her childhood, but her daughter's battle with Leukemia strengthened her beliefs. "Life experiences have given the band the motivation for their music, and sharing those experiences is part of the deal," explained Jacki's husband, Curtis Taylor, also a member of a band. Curtis and Jacki's daughter, McKenzi, is now a healthy 7-year-old girl -- a miracle they attribute to the healing power of the Lord. The story of the Taylor family's struggle is told in the raw and reverent track, "Never Alone."

Jacki and Curtis are not the only band members with a touching story. Drummer Eric Wilkins is legally blind, an ailment that forces him to rely on his faith each and every day. Jim Rupe, Ryan Tilo, and Blake Harper each contributes his time, passion, and experiences to the band, along with their talents for playing guitar.

Three members of Sweet Chariot were previously bandmates in Every Day Life (EDL); Curtis Taylor, Eric Wilkins, and Jim Rupe have reunited in Sweet Chariot, but with a whole new musical style that reveals the musicians' focus on worship. As a Christian Rap/Metal band, EDL was heavily involved in the Christian music community. EDL was signed to and released 3 albums with Alarma Records.

"Sweet Chariot" is available for purchase from the band's website at www.sweetchariotmusic.com and from iTunes for $9.99. Tickets for their Record Release Show on October 9, 2009 in Santa Ana are also available through their website for $15 each.

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