SOURCE: Freds Swim Academy GMBH

February 06, 2012 00:05 ET

Swim Learning Tool Manufacturer FREDS SWIM ACADEMY Invites Potential Importers and Distributors to Meet at TIA Toy Fair in New York City

Germany-Based, Globally Distributed FREDS SWIM ACADEMY Will Be Represented by COO Juergen Rued at the TIA Toy Fair in New York City at Booth 4614; The Globally Successful SWIMTRAINER "Classic" Swim Learning Tools and System Are Currently Available in 40 Countries; Your Coverage Is Invited

MUNICH, GERMANY--(Marketwire - Feb 6, 2012) - FREDS SWIMTRAINER "Classic" swim learning tools and system were invented and created by Alfred Warmuth, certified ski, swim and tennis trainer in Germany. From years of professional experience he noticed that the usual water safety products for children were neither safe nor useful in teaching young children how to swim. Water wings and vests invariable slipped off or caused the children to tip forward, face first into the water. Intent on creating a safe and fun way for children to learn how to swim, Alfred Warmuth devised the SWIMTRAINER "Classic." It enables children as young as 3 months old to splash happily and safely in the water.

Michaela Warmuth-Rued: "My father loved sports, especially in water. He wanted all his little students to learn to love the water without fear and tears. He tinkered for several years before he had perfected the SWIMTRAINER. The whole system is based on the 'frog reflex' innate in every child. Children instinctively move forward in water at a very early age. The SWIMTRAINER uses that reflex as the basis for correct learning."

The learning tool is foolproof. It is impossible for a child to accidentally slip out or tip forward into the water. Yet, it is easy to put on and secure through a clip system. It enables the child to enjoy the pool in the correct position, thus enabling him or her to learn how to swim completely naturally.

The system consists of three sizes, varying from age 3 months to 4 years to adapt to continuing growth and swimming skills.

All models of SWIMTRAINER "Classic" have been tested and approved on the German market as well as nearly 40 countries globally.

FREDS SWIM ACADEMY now is ready to enter the North American market.

Juergen Rued: "Our primary goal is to continue to produce a technically flawless, completely non-toxic, safe and easy-to-use product. We did not want to compromise the quality of the SWIMTRAINER products in order to produce large quantities. Our company is committed to growing slowly and successfully. We are now after 15 years on the market able to ensure production numbers that make sense for the North American market."

Juergen Rued will be at Booth 4614 at the TIA Toy Fair New York from February 12th to 15th.

"We are looking for distributors and importers who are interested in working with us. We do offer full marketing and public relations support in-house with an American partner."

FREDS SWIM ACADEMY is also interested in coverage by American and New York media.

Juergen Rued: "The swim season is coming and we do believe that American families would like to learn more about our products and our commitment to safety and quality."

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