Happy Hedonist(R)

Happy Hedonist(R)

December 08, 2010 18:32 ET

Swinging in the City

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 8, 2010) - Toronto is quickly becoming a hot spot for swingers all over North America. With a supreme court ruling in 2005 that made operating sex clubs legal. Numerous high profile swingers clubs have been popping up throughout the city. A look at the website of the larger of these clubs reveals a constant struggle to out-sex one another as competition mounts in the newly legalized industry. 

Swing clubs are nothing new however, Toronto's longest running swingers club, Happy Hedonist® (operating every Friday, Saturday & Sunday evening), has been in business since 1988. With 22 years in a business that has only been legal for 5 they have definitely carved out a niche for themselves.

I caught up with owners David and Ruthy Muller to see how they've coped with the changes in their industry. "Things haven't really changed as much as people think, it's just become less underground" explains Ruthy. "It's probably been a mixture of the legalization of sex clubs and just a change in generations, most likely more the latter. People in their 30s and 40s want to make sure their faces are blurred, 20 something's just don't care."

David explains that the 2005 ruling only really affected them in that it opened up the market to more competitors. Their strategy to keep ahead is largely their established community and low key environment, and they definitely have both.

As someone who is not a seasoned swinger, my first visit to Sweet Cheeks was quite an eye opening. Though the dance floor was packed and many were half naked the atmosphere was, initially, more about mingling then anything. People were chatting, drinking, partying and having a good time. It is an on premise club, there was sex in most corners of the club and after about 1am the lights went down along with many of the patrons. But this was all happening among a friendly crowd where you didn't feel uncomfortable if you were not part of the action.

With the legalization of sex clubs more are bound to pop up and the services and atmosphere they provide are sure to become more varied. As the novelty of going to just any sex club wears off people will start looking for clubs that are right for them and clubs such as Happy Hedonist® will continue to offer their own unique ways of bringing people together.

If you want to check out Happy Hedonist® then there would be no better time than to check out their New Years Eve party, an evening when it is sure to be exceptionally wild. Visit their website for more information.

Happy Hedonist® is operated by David & Ruthy Muller, their website is http://www.happyhedonist.com

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