December 13, 2011 19:00 ET

Swinton Bikes is Urging Bikers to Hold on Tight as Gale Force Winds Could Reach 100mph

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 13, 2011) - Swinton Bikes, the UK's leading motorbike insurance broker, is advising bikers to take extra care when riding in high winds as it can be potentially dangerous. The Met Office has issued warnings across the country that gale force winds could reach a possible high of 100 mph.

Swinton Bikes is urging motorcyclists to prepare themselves for the worst and in extreme cases to find other forms of transport if necessary.

Swinton Bikes is offering the following advice to motorcyclists:

• Look at weather forecasts and road closures before the start of a journey and plan your route carefully avoiding high bridges and open roads.

• Always pay attention to your surroundings to identify gaps in buildings or open fields where wind can suddenly gust.

• Be aware of hazardous objects being swept into your path such as carrier bags, boxes, cones and tree branches.

• High sided vehicles can act as wind breaks so take extra care when passing them.

• Keep your body relaxed, if arms are stiff and tense any movement to the upper body will cause the bike to move as well such as a sudden gust of wind.

• Always wear high visibility clothing and wrap up warm.

• If the wind gets too high always pull over safely and contact somebody to collect you or wait till the winds die down.

Antony Aronin, Head of Swinton Bikes said, "It's important that bikers ride with due care and attention as unfortunately there are still some drivers who don't think bike. Riding in high winds is potentially dangerous and could cause an accident leading to bike insurance claims. Ride within your limit and for less confident bikers, always find alternative methods of transport as you could be putting yourself and other road users at risk."

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