December 05, 2011 19:00 ET

Swinton Commercial Advises Landlords to 'Winterise' Empty Properties

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 5, 2011) - As the holiday season approaches, Swinton Commercial is advising landlords to prepare or 'winterise' properties sitting vacant over the Christmas period to protect from damage caused by the cold winter weather.

Bust pipes and floods caused by frozen plumbing systems can mean a hefty repair bill for landlords if they don't take the necessary precautions. Swinton Commercial recommends getting a professional plumber or handyman to make sure your property is properly 'winterised' before the onset of the bad weather.

To avoid expensive damage Swinton Commercial recommends:

  1. Turning water off and water heaters off. Locate and turn off the main water shut off valve, preferably one that is outside. If the property is supplied by a well, then also turn off the breaker to the pump system. After this is done, turn off and drain the water heater. Temperature controls on gas water heaters should be set to the off position, as well as closing the gas valve. Electric water heaters should be shut off at the breaker. A faucet or spigot will need to be opened to allow air to flow in as water is drained out.
  2. Remember to drain water softeners, filters, and water treatment systems.
  3. Blow out the water supply lines. Standing water in pipes may freeze and strain fittings. Water should be blown out of the water supply lines with an air compressor. Turn off all electricals. Electrical breakers to appliances as well as any other unnecessary breakers.
  4. Please note that de-winterisation is just as important. When returning to occupy the house, the entire process must be carefully reversed, such as turning off faucets and fixture shut off valves before turning the water supply or well pump.

Jolene Shaw, Swinton Commercial Technical Referral Advisor, said: "Taking action to protect vacant properties from damage caused by burst pipes and ice is essential for avoiding expensive repair bills in the new year. We also recommend checking your landlord insurance policy to make sure you are covered for all eventualities."

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