September 19, 2010 19:00 ET

Swinton Commercial Warns Van Drivers About the Dangers of Drug Driving

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 19, 2010) - Swinton Commercial is warning van drivers about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs, after George Michael's conviction of the offence and subsequent sentence to eight weeks in jail.

The UK van insurance retailer issued the warning after Michael crashed his Range Rover into a London shop while under the influence of cannabis, an illegal class C drug.

Whilst it is an offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988 to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a lack of a drug testing kit, such as a breathalyser for alcohol testing means a minority of people think they can get away with it.

Drivers under the influence of drugs can suffer from an inability to concentrate, slower reaction times, unpredictable or aggressive behaviour, fatigue and dizziness.

However, Swinton Commercial is also warning van drivers that everyday prescription drugs can also impair the skills required to drive a van safely. The van insurance retailer's advice is to check the label and do not drive until it is safe to do so.

Phil Moss, Commercial Vehicle Manager at Swinton said, "Anything that compromises your ability to drive safely, whether it is alcohol, illegal drugs or even prescription drugs is highly dangerous. It is a driver's own responsibility to make sure they are fit to be behind the wheel. Driving under the influence carries hefty penalties, a fine, and penalty points or in George Michael's case a jail term. Expect massive increases on your van insurance premiums too if you are caught."

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